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Finding Time for Yourself: A Parent’s Guide


Does it feel like you haven’t had a second of time for yourself ever since you became a parent? Has everything started to revolve around your little ones and their needs? It’s only natural to put your child first because they’re the apple of your eye and the ones you are going to love more than yourself for the rest of your life. However, in order to be a good parent, you must be satisfied with your life and find time to take care of your physical and mental well-being. Only then will you be able to offer healthy surroundings to your child to grow up in. One of the ways you can look after yourself is to find time for your hobbies, pampering, and being alone with your thoughts. Here’s where you should start.

Finding Time for Yourself - A Parents Guide

Plan for playdates

Playdates are one of the best ways to allow yourself a little break from your child. Preferably, playdates will be at a soft play where your child will be under the supervision of professional childcarers. That will allow you and other parents to take a break and have some time for whatever makes you happy and relaxed. Whether it’s to have your own hangout session or to take a walk in the park, it will make you reset and recharge for another day filled with commitments.

Hire a nanny

Having someone who will look after your child all day or just part-time is always a good idea if you can never find time for yourself. A nanny’s only job will be to make sure your child is always safe and sound, well-fed, entertained and out of harm’s way. That will give you plenty of time to work on your fitness, take care of your garden, spend time with friends, or unwind with your favourite book. All of those activities are crucial for your personal development and will allow you to de-stress, be a happier and more satisfied parent to your child.

Ask your parents for help

Were your parents one of those people who couldn’t stop nagging about how they want grandchildren as soon as possible? Well, now that their wish has come true, it’s time you hand over your children to them and have them enjoy grandparenting. Have them spend an entire weekend together and go on a picnic. A little road trip around Australia can also be a good idea, as your kids will have the chance to learn more about their homeland from their grandparents. On top of that, you will have all the time in the world to get back in touch with yourself.

Pick a reliable childcare centre

Aside from asking your parents for help and hiring a nanny, enrolling your child in a childcare centre is another good option that will allow you to find time for yourself. You can find an array of renowned childcare centres in Australia and pick the one closest to you which has professional and qualified staff. Your child deserves only the best care, so be sure you look thoroughly and choose only the best childcare centre for your child. Aside from having time for yourself, enrolling a child in a childcare centre will be beneficial for the kid. They’ll get the highest-quality education and care and get ready for school and higher education.

Let your friends babysit

Do you have friends who still haven’t become parent6, but have wanted to try out how parenting would look on them? That is the perfect opportunity for you to trust them with your child for a day as you take a break and schedule an appointment at a spa. Even if they have children, babysitting for you will be a great way to practice having more than one child in their family, so it’s definitely a win-win situation for all of you.

Have a weekly me-time pampering session

With all the previously mentioned ways of getting help around taking care of your child, you can certainly set one day a week to be with yourself. Your spouse can also jump in and take over the parenting duties as you spend time with your friends at a wellness centre or on a one-day getaway in the mountains. Turn off your phone and your computer to completely unplug. Rest your mind and soul as you pamper yourself with your favourite treatments or simply as you breathe in the fresh air up in the mountains.

Wake up early

If you’re not an early riser, this may not seem like the best idea, but starting your day two hours earlier than usual will give you extra time during the day to be on your own. Breaking bad habits such as going to bed several hours after midnight and hitting the hay only an hour or so after your kids are in bed will be of great help. It will allow you to wake up and enjoy the silence and some me-time at least for an hour before everybody else is up.

Delegate tasks around the home

Who says that you have to be in charge of all the chores? If your kids are in middle school already or if you’re a parent of teens, they can start doing the majority of light chores. Taking out the trash, washing the dishes, vacuuming, and dusting can all be done by them. Leave the heavy lifting, gardening and bathroom scrubbing to you, as they’re probably not meticulous enough to clean everything as thoroughly as you would. However, bring them in with you so they can learn how to do it and be ready for it before they go off to the university. As they do chores, you’ll have time to grab a cup of coffee and catch p with your parents on the phone.

Final thoughts

Being a parent comes with a lot of responsibility, so it can sometimes seem impossible to enjoy some free me-time. However, with good organisation and the ability to delegate tasks well, you’ll have no trouble finding the ever-needed hour or two to be on your own and look after yourself.


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