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Finance Your Destination Wedding with a Personal Loan


Weddings are lifetime events and you should definitely go all out to make yours/a loved one’s wedding ultra-special. Weddings in India are not bereft of their grandeur and customs and these naturally entail high expenditure. However, this is a moment that comes once in a lifetime and hence one should stretch as much as possible to make it an occasion to remember. Are you planning a destination wedding? Destination weddings are the newest trends and Indian brides and grooms are choosing to say their vows in offbeat and exotic destinations both in the country and abroad.

Fairytale Wedding Venues That will Be Perfect For Your Incredible Wedding

Worried about the expenses to be incurred on a destination wedding? You should consider applying for a personal loan for wedding instead. Weddings are fancy affairs these days and you should have enough to cover the cost of food, ceremonies, venues, transportation, jewellery, outfits and so on. Ideally, you should aim to have something left over to take care of your honeymoon. When you consider all these expenses, you should try and apply for a Wedding Loan which gives you enough cash in hand to meet the same without any hassles.

A loan for wedding can help you get funds for your wedding at short notice without having to clear out your own bank account or borrow from friends and relatives. You can simply apply for a wedding loan and enjoy a dream destination wedding without cutting corners. You can easily repay the wedding loan in easy monthly instalments later. Wedding loans are basically personal loans and hence do not require any collateral/security to be provided which is a major advantage. These are also short tenor loans and usual tenors’ range between 12 and 60 months. This means that you will eventually be able to clear off your loan in a shorter span of time.

Wedding loans also come in handy when it comes to unforeseen or uncalculated expenses that invariably crop up at every wedding. Having some money in hand will always help you take care of these expenses without having to worry about falling short. Personal loans are easier to obtain in comparison to other loans like home loans or auto loans. The personal loan eligibility criteria are not that strict and you should meet the following requirements:

● Age: 21-60 years
● Resident of India
● Salaried professional employed at a public/private/multinational company
● Minimum net monthly income (depending on the city you live in)
● The documents required for a personal loan are as following:

  1. KYC Documents (Address and ID Proof)
  2. Employee ID/Proof of Employment
  3. Salary slips for last 2 months
  4. Salary bank account statements for last 3 months

Most lenders offer swift online application and approval procedures for personal loans. NBFCs like Fullerton India also disburse personal loans up to Rs.25 lakh within 72 hours post verification. Apply for a personal loan and finance your dream destination wedding with aplomb. After all, it is just one life and you should live it to the fullest!

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