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Enjoy Maximum Efficiency Out Of Your Appliances With Aluminium Doors


In case you are planning to replace the old doors of your house with new ones, aluminium doors will be worth considering. Apart from providing a gracious look to your home, there are numerous additional benefits that you can enjoy. High energy efficiency is one of them, but not the only. Keep reading until the end to know more about aluminium doors and how they can change radically change your household in multiple aspects.

Why Are Aluminium Doors Considered Among The Most Energy-Efficient?

Energy efficiency is all about the total amount of electrical power required in the process of heating and cooling something. Doors and windows of a house play an important role in affecting this factor. With aluminium doors, you may expect your home to be highly energy efficient.

Since these doors feature dual sealing design, the air and heat leakage gets minimized. By installing aluminium doors, one can enjoy the maximum efficiency out of their heating and cooling appliances.

The inclusion of polyamide technology had helped a lot in improving the performance of aluminium doors. Homes fitted with such doors may achieve improvements in terms of heat gain and loss by almost 60% in comparison to materials like PVC and timber.

Setting up these doors will help in maintaining a cool indoor temperature during summer and warm temperature in the winter season. As a result, you can easily limit the usage of air conditioners and heaters, leading to a significant decrease in energy bills.

Factors Affecting The Energy Efficiency Of Doors

Doors play a vital role in enhancing the loss and gain of heat inside the home. A high percentage of heat is lost during winter and gained in the summertime through doors. For improving the energy efficiency of your home, aluminium doors are crucial.

Some factors that affect the overall efficiency of aluminium doors include the followings:

  • Age – Older the doors, lesser energy efficient they will be. As the seals all around the windows get worn out with time, the doors become less airtight.
  • Seal – Poorly sealed doors hinder the overall energy efficiency. These doors will constantly struggle to maintain the indoor air cool in summer and warm during winter. If you are not in a position to replace the entire door, better get the seals repaired.
  • Type of glass – The type of glass in the doors will also affect the efficiency factor, too. However, tinted and double glazed glasses can be a pocket burning deal. You want to consult an expert to get a cost-effective option in terms of glass for your aluminium door.

Aluminium, being light-in-weight, durable and robust, has become a highly popular choice for door frames. If combined with the right type of glass and high-quality seals, they will help a lot in boosting the overall energy efficiency rating of your home.

Additional Features Of Aluminium Doors

As a homeowner, you must be searching for environment-friendly materials for your home; aluminium doors will be the ideal choice in that case. As they can be easily recycled with minimal waste, using them won’t burden the landfill further.

Aluminium being a physically strong material will hardly rust or corrode. Due to such a highly remarkable feature, aluminium doors are being installed in structural glazing and various construction projects, including:

  • Towers
  • Glass walls

As aluminium frames are supportive to larger glass areas, it is possible to come up with wider doors at home and commercial premises.

Aluminium Doors Are Perfect For Making Great Views

In order to add additional aesthetic appeal and glamour to your house, you may go with the installation of aluminium frames in your doors. The clean and pleasing look has made them highly popular for residential buildings. As they are formed in different configurations and shapes, one can get these frames designed according to their wishes using professional craftsmanship.

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