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Dental Insurance Coverage Tips for Invisalign


For most dental insurance plans in the UK, orthodontic care is covered. A certain quota of the orthodontic care bill will be paid by dental insurance and limit coverage amount for others. Since only some aspects of your orthodontic care are covered; you will have to follow significant steps to find the best dental insurance for you. There are some steps available for you to follow in order to get cheap Invisalign care. Let us help you.

Dental Insurance Coverage Tips for Invisalign

You can also contact our clinic to find out about dental insurance services. We offer treatment at a discount rate and spread our payment plans to help our patients receive the treatment they need.

What is the cost of Invisalign?

The cost of Invisalign follows the same trend with other orthodontic treatments. Usually, it is dependent on the type of situation that is handled. Some misalignments are easy to solve and only require basic work, while others need to go through multiple steps before the final result is gotten.

There are cases where the treatment may require tooth extraction and other methods before starting the Invisalign itself. So, there is no way we can budget a specific amount for Invisalign treatment for everyone. But on average, it ranges from £2300 to £6130

To know the exact amount for you, you should talk to one or two orthodontists. They will analyse your case and give you an excellent treatment plan. For any orthodontist you go to, you can choose the one that is less expensive so that your dental insurance coverage will help cut cost. At the cost of £2300, several insurance plans will cover it for you. You should be careful not to be stuck in a situation where you have to struggle to finance your dental care alone.

Your health insurance and other available options for paying for Invisalign treatment

There are many options to help you pay for your Invisalign treatment, and they include;

  1. Your HSA or FSA: when your dental health care insurance is not enough to cover your orthodontic care, it is why you try out methods like HSA or FSA. They can be a great way to help you save.
    2. Your employer: Some employers provide you with orthodontic coverage. However, before you proceed, do ensure you check yours and your spouse’s to see how much of the benefits you can use. Using the benefit of two plans can help you get more coverage, thereby saving more.
    3. Try some interest-free medical loans like care credit
    4. Payment plans: some orthodontic clinics will spread out payments for you to help you pay them easily. There are usually many available payment plans, so you’ll be free to pick the one that suits you more. However, before picking this, you may want to find out more about medical loans and other options for financing your medical procedure.
    5. Seek for available discount plans.

Discount plans for Invisalign treatment

Although discount plans are not necessarily insurance, they can be of great help and save you cost when undergoing Invisalign treatments as well as other dental health care. For some companies, you may have to join a dental discount plan for a price. It could be as low as a hundred dollars each year. You should also look out for dental practices that offer cheap Invisalign in London.

Steps to help you choose a good Invisalign dental insurance plan

Many companies offer dental insurance plans. So, before choosing any, ensure you do your homework and find out if their insurance suits you. Though many companies offer insurance plans, not all of them offer insurances for Invisalign treatment. Also, you may receive payment plans from some private dental clinics which will add up to the insurance plan.

Carefully check out the difference between your healthcare insurance and that of your spouse

There is a provision for a person to use another person’s insurance to solve the dental healthcare problems. This works better when the person whose insurance you want to use is your partner. So, if you are married, or you have a partner with a better insurance plan than that of your employer, you should find out how much the plan can cover. If both plans look good and you think combining them will be a good option, use them. If one of the plans is better than the other, sign a waiver and use the better plan.

Negotiate the price on payment to look at the dentist

Even when you have a better insurance plan for dental health care, you can also review within your local of the dentist and see how much they offer. The private clinics do not offer the same price for every treatment, and doing good homework can land you at a place at a cheaper rate. So, before sticking to another dentist, ensure you get an estimated price from two or more orthodontist.

The price is not all you have to look out for; you should also compare their payment plans to know what is suitable for you. Above all, you should ensure that the orthodontist with a suitable price has enough experience to give you the professional treatment you deserve.

Getting a good price and payment plan from your orthodontist alongside the dental health care insurance will help you save more.

Ideas for reducing the cost of an Invisalign treatment

Invisalign treatments are now widely offered by most orthodontists. So you can save the cost of going around by just placing phone calls and comparing various prices. Do let the orthodontists know that you are compiling and comparing treatment prices from a couple of orthodontists and will be willing to work with the most affordable and comfortable. If the orthodontist needs a new customer, he may want to give you a discounted rate for your Invisalign treatment.

You can start with us. Book an appointment with our expert orthodontist at London Braces, and we will tell you about our prices, discounts, and payment plans. Call us now on

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