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Custom Book Prints Made Easy


Printing is the backbone of a number of industries, which ranges from pharmaceuticals to lifestyle and fashion. Despite the digital medium having progressed to phenomenal levels over the last decade or so, there still is a healthy demand for printed material. Ask any elder in your house and he or she will swear by the lovely feel of paperback.

Custom Book Prints Made Easy

Custom book printing

Top book printing companies are known to publish several books that are personalized for specific individuals. Such books consist of custom illustrations, personalized text, and other customized variables, and so they are called as custom books. With the help of modern technologies, these books can be ordered for, printed and then shipped within just a week. Books here can be printed in both hard cover and soft cover formats.

Benefits of giving print orders online

Most firms today are placing print orders online. Various reasons for them to do so include:

1. Rapid prints – You will be able to roll out your book exactly as per schedule, by virtue of quick delivery of prints from the best printing company. In fact, it will also give you some time in had for a final check.

2. Amazing quality – Every time you place an order, be assured that print quality will be top notch. One of the major reasons for this is the option to choose from several print companies.

3. Always get the best prices – It has been mentioned earlier that you will be in a position to receive the best prices. Whether you place an order in bulk or otherwise, you automatically can choose from price quotes in different parts of the world.

4. Easy contact – You can get in touch with the printing intermediary via tablet PC, desktop PC, laptop, or smartphone, as per your convenience


Without standardization in print quality and paper, customers can never be sure about the kind of books, magazines or other material they might get. Each individual book project differs from another, but the final product comes out the same. To ensure that buyers keep coming back for more, the following aspects about printed books can always be assured:

  1. Tight and sturdy book binding
  2. A range of exciting cover colors
  3. Even and crisp ink coverage
  4. Stock of good quality paper being available
  5. Delivery to your doorstep

Printing companies bid for your project

You will find the most affordable printing costs being charged by companies which act as intermediaries between your firm and other printing companies in the world. Different companies bid on your project and send their price quotes to you directly. This way, not only do you get a very affordable price, but you also get high quality. In fact, you do not have to pay anything to the individual companies or the intermediary. Only the printing companies pay the intermediary for their memberships with it.

Printing companies are selected carefully

The intermediaries select printing companies carefully while approving them for membership. They only consider those companies which can keep you and other customers grow their businesses in the long run. While the pivot points for an intermediary are high quality and excellent customer service, the companies they select can be Mom and Pop organizations or large firms.

Types of companies which would need printing services

A wide range of industries makes use of custom books, and their list includes:

  • Printing companies
  • Corporations
  • Brokers
  • Graphic design companies
  • Advertising and marketing firms
  • Self-publishers
  • Small businesses
  • Healthcare companies
  • Educational institutions

Apart from the above, custom book printing services may be required by the general public as well.

Different items that require print services

Leaving custom book printing aside, there are other items for which print services are also required. Here is a list of such items:

  • Billboards
  • Bank cards
  • Newsletters
  • Newspapers
  • Stationery
  • Booklets
  • Brochures
  • Signages
  • Stickers for bumpers
  • Rack cards
  • Digital prints and e-books

All the above items need to be printed in bulk. This is the only way that printing costs can be justified for any printing company in the world. Of course, order specifications will vary from one customer to another.

Expectations from customers

As firms which receive the final printed products, it is natural to have certain expectations. Aspects such as customer satisfaction, timely delivery and quality of print are already known by the companies. The following expectations are mostly in terms of communication:

  1. Always tell the truth- You must not make any change to the customer’s final order without intimation
  2. Provide alternatives- Alternatives in binding, paper and others must be offered to customers
  3. Take responsibility- Responsibility must be taken for the whole printing task, and mistakes if any
  4. Keep buyers in the same loop- Buyers must constantly be updated about work status
  5. Give creative ideas- Creative ideas with regards industry or materials will always be welcome.
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