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CTmatador Review – A Trading Platform You Can Recommend


One of the biggest issues you will ever face when you sign up with an online broker is that you don’t feel like recommending it to others. You think you are already tolerating a lot of stuff that others shouldn’t. However, I think this should not be the case. The platform you join should be so good that you feel like recommending it to others. Can that happen? Yes, if you read my complete CTmatador review, you will surely find that type of a broker.

I think this company is doing a lot of things right, and by right I mean it is doing them in a way that benefits traders at the end of the day. Let’s take a look at its features and find out if it is really a recommendable platform.

Trader-friendly Customer Service

Let’s begin by talking about the customer support you get from this platform. I have to tell you that the people hired by this company to serve you are professionally trained. They know how to talk and I they will never interrupt you while you are talking to them. Getting a response will not be a problem since your emails are responded to within 24 hours. You can call the company too and there are multiple numbers you can choose from. This distributes the calling load and you don’t have to wait for many minutes before you are finally connected to an agent for help.

Furthermore, you are going to admire the fact that the company offers you help through live chat as well. This means you can start a live chat session on the website and get all the help you need almost immediately. The contact us form is also there on the website.

Risk Free Demo for Traders

New traders should specifically know about this particular feature. I think CTmatador has done a great job of addressing the needs of modern traders and those who are trading for the first time through this feature. If you are new to trading, it is recommended that you begin trading only after you have obtained proper education. The education is there on the website and most other brokers offer it to you too. However, what makes CTmatador different is that this broker lets you practice whatever you learn through the educational resources. In other words, you can try and test your trading strategies before you implement them in the live market.

So, when you join this platform, you have the option for a risk-free demo. This demo account works just like your live account, but you are not using real money or entering real trades. You are still using the same platform and the trading environment works exactly like it does for a live trader. This way, you are able to get a hang of the platform as well as the entire process of trading.

An Asset Index for All

Can the asset index offered by an online trading services provider be specifically for some traders? Is it possible for an asset index to be not suitable for some? Yes, that’s true. I can tell you from experience. For example, a lot of young traders are not interested in trading stocks only. They are more interested in trading cryptocurrencies than anything else. It’s amazing that CTmatador offers a trading market for just about any type of trader. You can trade stocks but if you want to try forex currency pairs, you can do that too. You can also trade indices and commodities when you sign up with CTmatador. Last but not least, there are many crypto coins in your reach for trading once you are on this platform.

Final Thoughts

With these features, I can assume that you will also feel like recommending this platform to your friends and colleagues who are trying to begin trading. It’s not good to stay signed up with a company that you can’t even have the courage to recommend others.

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