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Couple Yoga Poses to Build A Strong Relationship


Bring spark to love life, strengthen the bond, deepen your partnership, and give new meaning to your relationship. Couple Yoga can help you creatively to build a strong relationship.

“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.”- Audrey Hepburn

One of the rudimentary values of a relationship is a connection. This connection fades at times, majorly in case if couples are married or is in a long-term relationship. To keep the spark alive and love blooming find creative ways to connect deeply with your other half and strengthen the partnership.

Just like a connection between a couple matters, yoga too defines the same. Yoga means union or yoke, a practice that is the work of uniting the body, mind, and soul. The practice understands and relies on the fact of connection and hence, helps the couple to build a stronger one.

Couple Yoga Poses to Build A Strong Relationship

We suggest couple yoga, a practice that involves you both acting as the base, and the other flier- these roles are interchangeable. The practice is perfect, to stay fit and connected. To enhance the intimacy and spend quality time with couple yoga retreat or partner Yoga Teacher Training in India proves highly supportive.

Before you commence the journey try hands-on couple yoga poses to brush-up your skills, and form a better and stronger connection.

Partner yoga is fun, partner yoga is amazing, and partner yoga is the modern-day practice that brings the healing essence of touch. So, grab your loved one and find a sense of trust, love, safety, companionship, laughter, and playfulness with these amazing and easy poses.

Easy Pose (Seated centering /grounding)

Grounding with an easy pose is a great way to start the session, and allow both of you to connect spiritually and with your physical environment. The pose prepares the mind to begin the practice and also inspire to meditate for a complete practice.

Sit on the mat in crossed legged position, facing your partner with your hands on each other’s knees. Take a deep breath and look in your partner’s eyes and feel your surroundings. The busy life makes us forget the importance of truly valuing each other.

Tree Pose (Stand Together)

Tree pose is another basic asana and ideal to start your practice with. It is a balancing posture that requires a lot of centering, and to focus within to allow the body to be still. The pose inspires us to stand tall in the world by connecting to our roots, being grounded, and deepen the connection with your partner.

Stand beside your partner in tree pose, fold your left leg, and ask your partner to do the same with right leg. Let your side touch each other, bring your left and partner’s right hand back and hold. You can also bring hands in Anjali Mudra.

Chair Pose (Back to Back)

A great pose that teach you how to support each other, Chair Pose also benefits your muscles and increases the mobility of ankle and legs. The pose is also used to deepen the stretches.

Stand back-to-back with arms placed at the sides. Now press your backs together firmly, and bring feet hip-width apart and then move away from your partner’s. Now bend your knees and lower your torso in a way that you’re sitting on an imaginary chair. To enhance and deepen the practice, join with your partner a yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.

Seated Twist (Partner Twist)

Twisting of the body is the natural detox process when the torso twists in the opposite direction it boosts the internal organs, and via exhaling eliminates the built-up toxicity. The seated twist is very easy and intimating at the same time.

Set on the mat in a cross-legged position with your backs touching. Take a deep breath, and as you exhale twist in the opposite direction of each other. Take one hand and plate it on the opposite knee and with the other hand, try to reach the back of your partner. This way, you sync with the rhythm of your partner and ease each other.

Boat Pose (Joining hands & Feet)

Boat pose is all about balancing the body and strengthening the core. Doing it with your partner make you understand how much both the facets are essential for a healthy relationship. The pose connects the upper and lower torso, enhances the function of vital organs, and protects the nervous system.

Sit on the mat with legs stretched outward, come into boat pose, and then join your feet with your partners without bending the knees. Now hold each other hands keeping the spine erect, and then take a deep breath and look into each other’s eyes.

Seated Cow/Cat Pose (Support each other)

Cat and Cow pose are two yoga poses that are often paired and practiced together. It provides an intense stretch to your hips, core, and back muscles. The pose is great for spine health, warm-up the body, and expands lung capacity.

Sit on the mat facing each other in a crossed-legged position. Now hold each other’s forearm and maintain a gentle grip as you release the shoulder back and down. Inhale, and lift the chest, providing a slight arch to the back. Exhale, draw the chin into the chest, round your back, and spread the shoulder wide apart. Keep repeating the transition for 30-60 seconds.

Fire-up the intimacy and strength the bond, the newness in a relationship is essential to keep partnership healthy and growing.

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