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Corporate Catering – 6 Questions to Ask Before You Buy


The thought of tasting delicious food during an event is enticing. However, the idea of organizing an event, especially a corporate one, can be tedious and fatiguing. Starting from the number of mouths to be fed, to the different kinds of tastes involved, the venue and timing of the event to the budget beyond which you must not exceed.

Corporate Catering - 6 Questions to Ask Before You Buy

Though there are many catering companies in Melbourne with many of them professing to have experience of the best corporate catering in Melbourne, only a few stand out in terms of quality and adaptability. However, arranging a corporate event may not be so difficult as much as you envisage. So, before you proceed to hire a catering company in Melbourne for your next corporate event, you must ask the following questions.

– Exclusive availability: You are not inclined to hire caterers that cannot give you exclusive attention. So, check if their availability coincides with the date of your event and if they will be looking at the catering needs at other events on that day. Also, know the strength of their workforce and if they can cater to the number of guests being invited to your event. Some conferences extend to as many as three days, which means that the availability of their service on those days is a must.

– Specialization: Many catering companies in Melbourne promise good food but may not be adept at providing other services. The best corporate catering in Melbourne is essentially the one that has branched out to other services too like décor, waitressing, cleaning, etc. apart from just confining to serving good food only. This means that you must look at their choice of tableware, dishware and decoration ideas too. Check if the previous list of clients includes corporate clients only or if they have recently branched out to corporate catering.

– Sample menus: Big established caterers will not hesitate to share sample menus along with their costings. After you have told them your catering requirements, ask for menu suggestions along with the price they would charge for each plate. Multiplying the number of guests with per head charge plus overhead expenses will lend you a vague idea of whether the caterer’s charges fit in your budget. Negotiate with the caterer but be careful not to ask for heavy discounts else it will hamper the quality of food and service.

– Familiarity with location: Your caterer must be aware of your venue before saying yes. Having experience in a similar event held near your venue helps. This is because they will be aware of all regulations and facilities in your city and will serve accordingly. Also, ask if they would be preparing the dishes at the venue or whether the food will be prepared off-site and brought in at the venue. Take a tour of the caterer’s kitchen facilities to ensure that the food is prepared in hygienic conditions.

– Flexibility and creativity: Your guests may have different dietary requirements, which means that some may be allergic to certain kinds of food items, thus, prompting you to cross out those food items and replace them with something similar in taste and quality. Inquire if your caterer is adept enough to come up with innovative menu ideas at the last minute and if there is room for last-minute additions if required.

– Get some referrals: Most people prefer to choose caterers through referrals in the hope of gaining some discounts. However, if your choice of caterer has not been recommended by any friend or peers, you may seek testimonials shared by their previous clients. Ask your caterer to share names and contact details of previous corporate clients who can affirm their stated quality of food and service.

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