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Complete Guide to Follow While Selecting Baby Earrings For The First Time


While most people wait for a while before getting the ears of a baby pierced, some just go for it! If you are one of the parents who have got their baby’s ears pierced, we know how curious you must be to select the first pair of earrings for them.

Complete Guide to Follow While Selecting Baby Earrings For The First Time

However, shopping for baby earrings might seem easy but it is a daunting task. You might not know it but you need to take some crucial decisions before selecting the best earrings for your baby for the first time. After all, you don’t want your baby to be uncomfortable or face any troubles because of the earrings you chose for them.

So, to make the selection easy for you, we have created a complete guide that you can follow before buying baby earrings for the first time. With these points in mind, you can select the perfect pair of earrings for your little one. So, let’s look into it:

1) Choosing the material

The first thing you need to be careful about when buying earrings for your baby is the material. While there are many types of material available out there, be very careful with your selection.

The material should be skin-friendly because a baby’s skin is prone to allergies and rashes. So, if you choose a synthetic material and it doesn’t suit your baby’s skin, it can create problems. To make your selection easy, go for precious materials like gold, silver, or white gold. Any material that is available in its pure form will be skin-friendly for your baby.

Also, in some countries like the USA, there are many laws and regulations followed by the government to set standards for material used in children’s jewelry. So, any material forbidden by the law shouldn’t be chosen for baby earrings. For instance, the law suggests that materials like cadmium, nickel, and lead are toxic and shouldn’t be used for baby jewelry.

As for skin-friendliness, there are materials that are categorized as hypoallergenic materials, meaning they don’t cause allergies on your baby’s skin. Please note that earrings stay in direct touch with your baby’s skin. So, anything other than hypoallergenic materials must be avoided.

The hypoallergenic materials include gold, titanium, sterling silver, and stainless steel.

2) Choosing the design

Talking about plain and comfortable earrings, the next on our list is choosing the design. The design of earrings plays the most important role when you are buying them for a baby. Grown women tend to experiment a lot with the designs. From hoops to studs to danglers, they can try everything and anything.

However, that is not the case with baby earrings. You cannot go with anything but small studs. It is because studs are the safest when it comes to babies. When you go for hoops, there are great chances of your baby pulling on to them and hurting themselves. The same goes with danglers.

The other important factor to look for in the design of the baby earrings is their back. Would you go for a screw-back or a butterfly-back?

When it comes to babies, screw backs seem like a better option because they don’t open easily. So, your baby will not lose their earrings that easily. However, if you look at the comfort of wearing and removing, butterfly backs are a better option in that sense. Whatever choice you make, make sure it is comfortable for the baby and has smooth edges so it doesn’t cling to things.

3) Choosing the size

It’s a no-brainer that a baby’s ears are much smaller than an adult’s. So, you cannot look up baby earrings in the grown-up section. The size of earrings for babies is kept very small as per the age of the baby.

Keep your baby’s ear size in mind when buying the earrings. It is best to take your baby with you and buy the perfect size by trying the earrings on.

When you choose a stud design for your baby, choose the smallest size so it is comfortable for the baby. In case you cannot find the right size and everything seems too big, go for custom-made earrings.

Also, if you go for hoops, buy the ones that sit right next to the baby’s earlobes. Bigger sizes of hoops have more chances of getting stuck in clothes or things around them, leading to injuries.

4) Choosing the color

Babies are all about pretty colors. So, if you are buying earrings for your baby, choose something colorful. While it might not be easy to find colorful earrings in pure silver or gold, you can play with the design and add some colorful elements to make the earrings prettier.

However, as we talked about above that certain laws limit the elements that go into children’s jewelry, you need to take care of the same. Beads and stones might cause a choking hazard so avoid them. If you are too confused about the color of the earrings, you can simply visit the jeweler near you and seek ideas or references from them. You can also lookup online and see what you can work with.

Final Words

Shopping for baby earrings is nothing like shopping for your own. It takes a lot of thinking. However, once you pick the cutest and safest pair for your cutie, all the work seems worth it!

Just keep the above-mentioned points in mind whenever you head out to buy baby earrings for the first time. But don’t sweat it too much. There might be some hits and misses but you will learn with time which earrings best suit your baby. Just be careful and keep an eye on them in the starting days as it might be new for them and they might feel a bit uncomfortable.

So, this was the guide to buying the perfect baby earrings for the first time. We hope the information is helpful for your earrings spree. So, get set and shop on! Grab the best pair for your baby and add to the cuteness quotient!


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