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Common Local SEO Mistakes Businesses Make


Did you know that 60% of American adults conduct online research for local businesses on their smartphone and tablets

50% of people who did a local search on their phone went to a physical store within one day?

18% of local mobile searches lead to sale within a day?

You might have got the gist of what is going to be discussed in our blogs today?

Yes, Local SEO!

Common Local SEO Mistakes Businesses Make

If you are business looking to grab the attention of consumers within the region, you would understand the importance of having a robust local SEO strategy. A local SEO strategy put in place facilitates a local business with the platform to create awareness and gain exposure to the target audience. It also gives them the opportunity to develop a brand image.

But considering the intricacies involved in establishing and implementing a local SEO strategy, it is common for businesses to make mistakes that can cost their business’s brand image a fortune.

Today’s post is about some common mistakes that business makes when implementing local SEO strategy:

Optimizing for Google instead of users:

We understand your contention behind strategizing per Google search criterion, but you are running the business to cater to a specific audience, right? Optimizing your local SEO for Google instead of the user will do more harm than good. Also, with the time, Google has become vigilant of whether the optimization is done for the search engine or the users.

Using same phone number for multiple locations:

If you are operating a business from various location, having one phone number for different location could be seen as fake or incorrect information by Google. Having one number for generating maximum online leads is understood, but this will decrease your ranking in search engine. Use a different number for a different location and set up a single different number to keep track of online leads.

Using the wrong keywords:

We don’t have to emphasize on the importance of the keyword in helping business garner audience to their website. A false keyword would be of no use in bringing the target audience to your site. Similarly, by not using the local keywords, you would be losing your targeted audience. Select the right keywords by keeping tabs on trending keywords, checking keyword competition.

Keyword stuffing:

How many time this has to be said that keyword stuffing will not take your business to a better position instead when got caught Google will penalize you. This doesn’t end here, the customer who would be visiting the page would have a bad experience, which will decrease your page ranking. Keyword stuffing is an old practice which businesses should now get rid of.

Having multiple listings:

Did you assume that having two-three business listings will help your business with its regional presence? A duplicate listing or mistakenly creating multiple listing for your business confuse not only your audience but also decrease your ranking. Make sure there are no duplicate listing of your business. You have various options apart from Google Business, such as yellow pages and other free business listing sites in USA that will help you with the branding of your product and services in the local area.

One way out of not committing these costly local SEO mistakes is to hire a local SEO company. Tkjae for instance, if you are operating your business in New Jersey, contact a New Jersey SEO company that will make sure your brand stays on the top in the local searches, and you become a household name in your region.

Enhance local visibility of your business, consult a local SEO agency, today!

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