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Bulltrade24 Review – An Online Trading Platform Packed with Trading Options and Utilities


The online trading industry has come a long way from how it was when it first came into being. In the beginning, the online trading industry was limited to a handful of trading assets. Now the industry has abundance of trading assets and other kinds of options. Unfortunately, not every online trading service provider is able to bring all possible and highly useful services at your doorstep in a single go. However, if you are looking for such a trading service provider, then I’m confident my Bulltrade24 review will gain your attention.

About Bulltrade24

Bulltrade24 has been around in the online trading industry since 2010, which means that it has ample amount of exposure in the particular space. It knows exactly what the customers demand and want when they interact with online trading industry.

They also know what they have to provide them from their end to make their trading journeys full of learning and opportunities. Their focus is not only to facilitate you in trades but also offer you all the support and knowledge that goes with the online trading industry.

Over time, they have cemented their orientation towards the customers so any development made in the platform is for your benefit. The platform aims to offer you a professional trading environment as well and achieves it by being strictly regulated without any flexibilities and weaknesses.

As you continue learning more about Bulltrade24, you will realize that it is a full package for your trading journey.

Strictly Regulated

Before you jump to the signing up part, it is important that you understand what Bulltrade24 and online trades are all about. It is an industry that is full of opportunities and risks at the same time. The risks are not only involved with investments but also include the platform you are choosing to invest money from.
If you go with an unregulated service provider that is bound by no laws or regulations, there is a high chance it may scam you at any time. However, a regulated firm such as Bulltrade24 would never do that because it is fully regulated.

Being regulated means that it is in the knowledge of the local regulatory authorities and you are safe, and secure from any uncalled for legal actions. The firm strictly adheres to the KYC and AML policies and expects you to do the same. If you are up for it, then you can proceed accordingly.

List of Trading Instruments and Trading Accounts

At Bulltrade24, you have abundance of trading options as well as trading accounts.

The firm does not want you to feel that you are confined to a few trading assets. Therefore, it has readied a list of over 150 trading assets that you would find sub-categorized under the major trading instruments. These instruments are forex, indices, stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

You can learn about each of the trading instruments from Bulltrade24, choose the one that you want to trade with, and then go for the trading account.

Even when it comes to choosing a trading account, you can choose from Classic, Silver, Gold, and VIP accounts. The terms represent experience level and growth from left to right. So you can choose Classic if you are new and want to learn online trades before getting into the markets.

The minimum deposit required at Bulltrade24 is $100 that you can transfer either via a Bitcoin wallet, Visa/Mastercard, or the payment link.

Trading Platform and its Features

Bulltrade24’s entire effort and ambition sums up to its uniquely designed online trading platform. It has been designed to make things easier for you to understand while performing trades.

It offers multiples utilities and features that include advanced reporting system, charts/graphs, historical reports, market news, trading signals, spreads, leverage trading, automated trading, trading instructions, and many more.

Another major utility of the platform is that you can access it from anywhere without having to install it into an operating system. The platform is web-based so all you need to remember is the address and your credentials to login and start trading.

Extensive Support

You will be surprised to know that Bulltrade24’s support is limited not only to a 24/5 customer support but to other extents as well. For general queries, you can reach out to Bulltrade24’s customer support via landline and email.

As for account related queries, you have an account manager who is always available to help you out. The account manager helps deal with all your problems whether they are pertaining to trades or accounts.

You also gain access to one-on-one trading training sessions as well as webinars where you get to learn so much about yourself and other traders. You can learn a thing or two from other traders via webinars and apply their strategies into your trading activities.

The support even extends in the form of educational content provided by Bulltrade24. You can go through the learning videos and other kinds of content to learn and excel in the online trading market.

Ending Thoughts

The online trading industry may sound very profitable and full of opportunities. But you must remember it has the tendency to test your patience. You must remain very calm and vigilant when in the online trading industry. If you are not, then it can turn out to be a bad experience for you because you may end up losing a fortune.


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