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Best Type of Mobile Welding for Your Project


When you hear the term mobile welding, you may think that we’re talking about cell phones or electronics. No, that’s not what we’re talking about. Mobile welding is essentially a welding service that is not based in one location, but can actually come to you. Most services have the ability to do different types of welding, and they can bring things to you, so you don’t have to take your materials to a dedicated place.

Best Type of Mobile Welding for Your Project

or example, if you’re wanting to build a handrail for your company (or even your home), you can hire finconinstallations.com.au to come to you and get the job done right! What is the best type of welding for your project though? It depends on a lot of factors.

MIG – Versatility at its Best

When MIG welding, (meaning metal inert gas welding) is used, it’s often to join multiple compounds or to help repair items. Another good thing about this type of welding though, is that you can fuse different types of materials together with it. Of course, there are some limitations on what types of materials you can MIG weld, so depending on your materials, this may not be the best option.


TIG welding is commonly made by a process called “tungsten inert gas”. While it’s one of the harder welding practices to master, it can handle a lot more materials (including thin ones where MIG welding or arc welding wouldn’t be an option). TIG welding is great for welding aluminum, and produces a smaller weld which helps it to provide perfect welds for spot welding.

SMAW Welding

This is often called stick welding, and it’s similar to the others, but it’s an older method. It also is an electrode welding type, and it’s great for steel projects or those that are made with cast iron. While the “newer” methods (MIG and TIG) are popular, this is great when you don’t have to worry about a mess.

ARC Welding

This is a common and old-fashioned method of using an arc welder, a.k.a. a cutting torch, to create a good weld. If you have extremely dense and heavy materials, you can use tis and combine it with a flux core (which is a flux wire put inside and through the welder’s nozzle). It is not recommended for cheaper and thinner materials though that aren’t very tough (no soft metals).

Conclusion: So, What’s the Best Type of Welding for Me?

It really depends on what your project is, and your materials that you’re trying to put together. Some people prefer unorthodox methods of welding (such as MIG welding for large and thick aluminum castings, even though it isn’t traditionally used for aluminum). However, it’s important to know also what kind of welding you’re going to need. If you’re just needing to join a couple spots and need to do some cosmetic repair, some MIG or TIG welding may be a good choice. In order to find the right mobile weld, you need to know also who to call for your project. There are some welders that can travel, but you want a certified and reputable mobile welding service to be at your side.


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