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Best Place to Celebrate Diwali


Diwali is a festival that unifies all Hindus. Everybody celebrates it with spirit, lights, religious rituals, sweets, gifts, and bursting crackers. Diwali is a time when families unite together and celebrate the triumph of good over evil.

Best Place to Celebrate Diwali

Every place has a different taste of Diwali. That’s why we are writing this post. We will tell you the best places to celebrate Diwali. You can witness special rituals in those places. It will be a refreshing and satisfying experience for you. So, you must pay attention and keep reading further. Pakistan is a Muslim country but as everybody knows it is a hub or almost every religion, people use traveling app in Pakistan to enjoy their festival without any problem. You will not regret reading this.


Diwali celebrations happen on a grand scale in Varanasi, which is famous for its Deepavali. When you are in Varanasi, then you can start your day with a Ganges bath, which will cleanse your soul and you will feel more peaceful during the day. After the bath, you can take a roaming tour in a traditional street covered with shops. That’s where you can buy anything from colorful clothes to sweets. It will always be your choice to spend or not. But we bet that you will be compelled to buy something. You can view the sunset on a boat paddling down the river.

Along your boat ride, you will witness religious rituals on the banks of the river. People of all cast will be seen holding lamps and chanting hums and bhajans. If you a true Indian soul, then Varanasi has something special for you on Diwali. There are several budget hotels in the religious capital of India. Otherwise, check out the best booking app in Pakistan to enjoy or celebrate your festivals enthusiastically. And we are positive that you will find suitable accommodation under a budget.


One of the great places to spend the evening of Diwali is Amritsar. The local population celebrates Bandi Chor Divas along with Diwali. Sikhs chants special prayers to celebrate the anniversary of the return of their Guru. The best place to witness the celebration is the Golden Temple. You will feel a strange sensation all over the body when crackers will burst in the evening. After that, the whole environment will give the vibe of joy, action, and celebration.

The enthusiasm of locals will be visible all day. If you want to stay for a few days in Amritsar, then there are many budget hotels in Amritsar. Most suitable hotels are present on Albert road. We are telling you in advance that you can find all amenities in Amritsar if you are willing to spend. If you want to enjoy more and party more, then bring a few friends with you. Your visit will become unforgettable.

Pakistan being a cultural country has never stopped anyone of any religion to celebrate their festivals, people of the country help them to enjoy completely and there are huge attractions to visit, check them out by booking the best app in Pakistan as well.


If you want the breathtaking experience of Diwali, then go to Jaipur and wait for Dhanteras to start. Diwali celebrations are started from Dhanteras. It is a unique event, which comes once a year, but remains in the memory for the whole year. The Nahargarh Fort and all landmarks are lit with lights and you will witness massive firework. It may surprise you that people of Jaipur spend millions of rupees every year only on fireworks. You will also witness al the shops with lamps on Diwali. The food will also be amazing. But you will only find Marwari cuisine all around the city.

If you want to eat western, then you have to visit the city’s only fast food place, which is on Ajmer road. You can find many budget hotels on Ajmer road. Jaipur is not an expensive city. That’s why you can buy many folk crafts at cheap prices. We recommend you to bring a souvenir while returning home. The Diwali celebration of Jaipur cannot be matched with any other city. So, you must visit Jaipur once on Diwali. It will be a lifelong memory.


The massive city of Kolkata is also famous for Kali puja, which coincides with Diwali. People worship Kali Goddess and you will witness people offering sweets, flowers, and milk to Kali. On the evening of Diwali, all the city is being lit with candles, divas, and lamps. You will feel harmony in people’s actions and the whole environment. There are many budget hotels all around the city.

You can find one under your budget. If you want to eat, then you can find plenty of places offering multiple cuisines. You can eat fish and meat prepared with spices in roadside hotels. If you want fast food, then you must become happy. It’s because Kolkata has numerous places offering fast food. Kolkata is the best place for action during the night. You can buy booze and party in any bar. But on Diwali, you can party in lights with a religious flavor.


Our last pick is Goa. The celebration is intense and it starts with Naraka Chaturdashi. People decorate their doors with lamps and candles. On Diwali evening, you will find candles lighting the doors of almost every house. Some people take the celebration to another level and decorate windows, doors, and stairs with candles. That’s you will find many stalls selling candles, crackers, and fireworks. If you visit the beach, then you can witness a great breeze with lights glowing in shops. You can find many hotels in Goa.

But there are a few hotels that are budget-friendly. You can search online for bookings. There are also many apps that can help you. But Goa is a place to bring your other half with you. It’s because the romantic environment is very good for couples. A couple can find a lot of fun and joy on Diwali in Goa. People come to Goa and go back home with lifelong memories. That’s why we recommend you to visit Goa on Diwali. It will be an everlasting tour for you.

Wrap up

We have described the best places to celebrate Diwali in India, but if you desire to explore the beauty of other countries, you must go for the best booking app in Pakistan. You will definitely not stop yourself by admiring the beauty of the country. Now, you can plan your next tour. We do not recommend any particular place. But you can choose any city on our list. All the mentioned places have different taste of celebration. That’s why you will enjoy the most. Have a good day and find the love of your life on Diwali.

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