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Benefits of Blogging for Your Business – Why is it Important?


The benefits of blogging and having a blog page in the year 2020 are far beyond expectations. Earlier days blogs were considered more like a personal diary where people would scribble their own experiences. As years passed, blogs are now regarded as a source of information. As more and more people have access to the internet in this digital world, blogs are a great source to pass on informative things to the global mass. At present people blog for many reasons, but as far as a digital marketer is considered, blogs are the most vital part of a website. Blogs are a useful source for driving traffic to your website, increasing your conversion rate, and so on.

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Despite rapidly increasing demand for blogs, only a small number of businesses have been successful in making their blog page as a source of the traffic to their website. Anotah, an online clothes shopping website, has realised this and have already started working on it. Let’s go deep into understanding what the benefits of blogging for your business are.

1. More Online Visibility

Traffic is an essential thing needed for your business website. To gain traffic, your website needs to be visible on the internet. Blogs are a way to increase your websites or business online visibility. More online visibility is one of the most important benefits of blogging. Optimizing your blog for search engines by providing relevant meta title and description with correct keywords helps to rank your blog much higher in the search results. Better the search engine ranking better will be the visibility of your website to the global digital audiences.

2. Beneficial for SEO

Whether you like it or not content will always be the king in the digital world. As discussed earlier, blogs can be optimized with relevant keywords to rank better in the search results. It’s easier to rank a blog page higher in the search result than your homepage. Many businesses fail to understand this. Continuously blogging about your industry or your products will surely help to increase your search keywords in the long run.

3. Increasing Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is one of the benefits of blogging that can do great for your business. An excellent blog will rank better in Google search result and will drive a lot of traffic. Once your blogs start gaining traffic, people will start voicing their opinion or feedback through the blog comment section. Those people who comment on your blog might be your potential customers in the future. By giving replies to their comments are one way of increasing customer engagement. By doing so, users will feel more close with your business or products. Customer engagement is an important factor for online clothes shopping websites such as Anotah.

4. Create a name for yourselves in the industry

If your business is into selling some products or services online, it is very much necessary to have a blog page for your website. People tend to buy products from brands they already know or from brands having a high reputation. By writing blogs related to your products and service, you are making customers aware of your product.

5. Increase in Traffic and Leads

You might have seen many businesses spending a lot by placing ads over the search engines and websites to gain traffic. Placing ads across various platforms can indeed help you in increasing traffic, but the amount you have to spend for that will be too high. On the other hand, writing blogs will help you gain traffic as well that also, without spending much. The benefit of blogging is not just limited to bringing traffic to your website, but it also helps in lead conversion. By adding a call to action in every post you write that lead reader of your blog to a landing page or a product page is one way of getting quality leads. As the traffic gradually increases, your leads will also keep on growing.

6. Increase in Sales and Revenue

As discussed earlier, Increase in traffic to the website is one of the benefits of blogging. Increase in traffic means the chances of getting leads are more. More the lead conversion, the more sales will be for your business. More sales mean more will be revenue.

The benefits of blogging or having a blog page for your business is not just limited to a few points mentioned above. Many companies fail to understand the idea of how having a blog page would help them out. Not knowing what to write, or doesn’t have the necessary time to spend for writing are some of the excuses given by such companies or businesses. It’s high time now, companies should start investing their time on content marketing and writing blogs that can do great for their business. Anyways after reading the post, you won’t be having any second thought on whether you should start investing in writing blogs or not.


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