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An Essential Guide On Renovating Your Office in Singapore!


Do you just buy a brand new office in Singapore and think about remodelling this professional premise with qualitative furniture and design?

According to a 2019 study, Singapore is considered the second top overworked city after Tokyo, with the highest percentage of people working over 48 hours a week.

Spending 48 hours in a boring and tedious office environment won’t only lessen the productivity of the business but also leaves a negative impact on Singaporean’s well-being. This is where office renovation is a necessary subject with time.

An Essential Guide On Renovating Your Office in Singapore

The renovation of office premises is meticulous but at the same time, it is a time-bearing and complex process. But, hiring a professional office interior designer can change the overall look of commercial premises. This further boosts employee morale and improves business productivity. According to a Human Spaces report, adding natural features in the workplace can enhance the employees’ well-being by 15%.

Hence, providing your office team a great space will lead to better work experiences, which further generate more surprises for the businesses.

Want to know more about office renovation?

You must go through this write-up to get detailed information. So, let’s have a look!

A Little About Office Renovation

An office is the place of work, which must be equipped with an attractive interior and design. Renovation in offices is generally conducted by professionals. The overall purpose of the renovation is to bring elements of freshness and renewal into the atmosphere of the office. The main types of work performed in this case are change of wall cladding, flooring, painting of window frames, doors and pipes.

Before carrying out repairs, the contractor visits the office premises to clarify the list of proposed works and then perform the work accordingly. A well-designed office promotes fruitful work and tunes only for a beneficial result. According to World Green Building Council’s research, an office design significantly enhances the health, productivity, and well-being of the employees.

The best effect in the form of an increase in labour productivity is achieved in a bright office space, decorated with elements of originality, uniqueness, with the possibility of comfortable taking breaks. This will definitely have a positive impact on the expansion of creative potential, the desire of employees to do something good for their company.

How To Keep Office Renovation Qualitative?

● Focus on General Requirements

Building material is essential for transforming your office space. Therefore, it’s recommended to purchase everything in advance. You can also check the ideas of office premises in order to achieve a high-quality space in Singapore. With regard to the colour palette, it’s recommended that give preference to lighter tones. Similar requirements apply to the waiting room, intended for the distribution of products and customer service. Shades should be harmoniously combined without annoying employees or clients.

● Determine – What Style the Design Should be?

You need to decide in what style the design will be implemented during the reconstruction and renovation of the office premises in Singapore. When inviting a specialist for this purpose in Singapore, you must concretize your vision of the final result of the repair work for him. It makes sense to take into account the choices of the employees working in your office. Often they can suggest some useful details that will make your workplace comfortable and work as efficiently as possible.

● Partition the Workplace

Based on the volume of the working area, room planning is performed. It makes sense to think about creating additional tasks for the future due to the possibility of increasing the staffing table. It will be good to carry out repairs in parallel. This will allow you to create a personal office for each employee with high-quality soundproofing. However, even if your office has a small area, it is still better to allocate space for each employee by erecting office partitions and thus ensuring the independence of each workplace.

● Think About Supportive Reception Environment

You should particularly pay attention to creating a supportive reception environment. After all, it’s the face of the company. In this room, clients expect a meeting with the management, in which they form an opinion about the company. It’s quite stable for the future.

● Design a Small Break Room

When preparing a project for the office renovation in Singapore, a break room must be taken into account to eat, rest, and relax. Therefore, if you create a corner for relaxation or a mini-kitchen, then the employees will appreciate it. Provide for further equipping the mini-kitchen with the most demanded set of equipment like a small refrigerator, microwave oven, and electric kettle. The care you show will be noticed. And this can translate into better labour efficiency.

● Presence of Air Conditioner & Heater

Be sure to consider maintaining a constant temperature and humidity in the office space of Singapore. Fresh air will ensure a comfortable stay in the workplace. And therefore, your employees will work better. Cool air is especially needed in brick buildings in summer when the warming stone makes it difficult to concentrate. The presence of an air conditioner located under the ceiling will help to easily solve the problem of stuffiness in the room.

The coolness coming from above, evenly distributed throughout the room. It eliminates the possibility when some employees freeze while being near the air conditioner, and those working away from it suffer from the heat.

Wrapping Up!

For office renovation in Singapore, the price formation for a complex of renovation works depends on many factors. The leading ones are the area of the premises to be repaired and the degree of complexity of the work.

If the task is set competently and specifically, the office renovation professionals specializing in repairs can turn your company into a unique design office. This will delight your employees with convenience and comfort for a long time. Using modern technologies and materials, you can also significantly save on finishing work.

It’s better to deal with contractors with a strong and positive reputation in the construction market. Office premises after renovation should not only please the eye but also provide a certain reputation to their owner.

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