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A Guide to Fashion Accessories – Women’s Wardrobe


Trends have a way of coming and going like the blink of an eye, but accessories? They are forever! You can’t just “out-trend” accessories because from Audrey Hepburn to Kate Middleton, they have all had us astonished at how they could carry themselves at social events. They have been able to make a simple accessory look like an antique, and that is what we live for.

A Guide to Fashion Accessories

So, if anyone is wondering whether accessories are worth it or not? Of course, they are, without any question whatsoever. Do you see it? No matter what the accessory is, they are just irreplaceable. Below is a list compiled of some of the most basic yet fashionable accessories that every woman should have:


Sunglasses have been around us since the dawn of time. You have a wide range to choose from, starting from the rectangular sunglasses to the diamond framed ones; they are all a master in their game when it comes to doing fashion. You can pair them with blue jeans and a white top, and they look like classic chic. Or, if you’re going for the more punk look, then they’d be a great addition on top of those sneakers and those beautiful pink streaks that you’ve dyed your hair with. Lastly, if you wish to make an impression at your workplace, they do just the trick on paired with a skirt and a topcoat. Do this, and flaunt those sunglasses like a QUEEN!


An essential! We love belts paired with those classic gowns in Dubai you can buy. Those mesmerizing colors, ranging from black to violet, juxtaposed with a traditional belt, gives you the ultimate “gowns in Dubai” shopping experience, as we like to call it. We all know, Dubai is preferred for its artistic fashion taste, so why not purchase a belt if you haven’t right now, match it up with your jeans, a gown, or even your t-shirt, and go to Dubai.
You have to try it to find out what the rave is all about.


Handbags are the tricky part because we can not pick out a single bag! The amount of variation there is to choose from! Even a six-door wardrobe would be less space to accommodate such a quintessential accessory.

If you scroll through a fashion magazine, you will likely come across numerous brands publicizing handbags. In the shower, pub, the road, at college, and even as your traveling buddy, you need them! To purchase a bag, hold it in your hand or on your arm, pair it with black leather jeans, black stilettos, and a bright red top, and look the ultimate YOU.

Don’t forget to put on red lipstick and smoky eye shadow!

Necklaces, rings, and earrings:

Have you ever been to Swarovski or Tiffany’s and wondered why they charge so much for their jewels? Or have you ever wondered why a piece of treasure is used as an engagement proposal? Because there is no comparing the ecstasy one feels when they’re gifted with such an accessory or when they buy one. They are a must-have!

If you are looking to get engaged, then a diamond cut ring does just the trick. If you want to wear your jewels casually, why not opt for knuckle rings, a pair of studs, and choker necklaces to make a statement? If it’s a date night, then trust us when we tell you that a diamond necklace, paired with cubic studded earrings and a cube-shaped ring will do just the trick. Pair these accessories with your luscious baby pink gown and off white heels, and let your looks do the talking.


“Perfume is a mark of female identity and the final touch of her style.” – Christian Dior.

He has put it down quite simply. You go from Prada to Estee Lauder, to Giorgio Armani, and you will all notice the amount of research they put into crafting their beautifully scented perfumes. Perfumes have been ageless if Cleopatra bathed in essential oils and rose petals for the scent.

Every perfume speaks a different story, which is why you need them if you don’t own them already. A soft, sweet-smelling scent would do for a date. If you have to impress someone, put your power gear on by wearing a more strong scented perfume. Whatever the occasion, ware timeless and a must-have for your 6 door wardrobe.


Gloves are used to deliver just the fashion sense you need to get your style game on. From driving gloves to wearing gloves at a wedding, each has a different yet fashionable purpose. Pair them with your archery gear, or if it’s a friend’s wedding, then wear them to make you seem not only sophisticated but a fashion icon.


A staple item in your closet, and trust me, if you’re a collection, even a six-door wardrobe will not suffice in this case. This accessory remains unprecedented in the fashion world. It would help if you had it to make a statement, flaunt it on top of your professional, athletic, or casual attire, and look like a star.
Pair it with anything, and we promise you that you will look nothing short of glamorous! A watch is a must-have in this age, the next decade, and the next 200 centuries for all we know. So purchase it now, if you don’t have it already!


With rapid advancements being in our fast-paced world, one thing that remains constant is the accessories. There is never a “right” moment to wear them, and they are a staple item that everyone should use and own. From jewelry to watches, a woman should hold all of these accessories to make her look like the perfect fashion icon.

So, get up, grab your wallet, and hurry to the nearest shop you can find, and start influencing others to do the same.


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