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A Chance to Earn Money During the Pandemic


Pandemic has turned the world upside down, for better or for worse. People who were comfortable with their well-paying jobs have either quit or removed to save the company from going bankrupt. Either way, people are now seeing different options of earning money that was – at one point in time – unconventional.

The ones who were comfortable in their white-collared jobs are now willing to take risks and work for what makes them happy. The life of everyone has become pretty uncertain by the pandemic disrupting the flow of regular lives. From starting their own business to working as a freelancer, everyone is trying to find their niche.

A Chance to Earn Money During the Pandemic

And, these days, everyone is pushing to start their own gig and fulfill their dreams, instead of following to satisfy others. If you’re one amongst the lot who is trying to figure out where to pursue next, this is the right place you’ve come to.

First of all, I would love to congratulate you! Because you have taken a step that not anyone can dream of. Choosing an unusual path to begin your career is not a piece of cake. It requires a lot of zeal and courage. And you, my friend, have those qualities that everyone desires they could have.

If you’re confused as to what to next, here are simple things to follow,

  • Take a break from everything and concentrate on yourself. How your feelings are flowing through your mind. It’s okay if you’re feeling confused or lost. Initially, anyone would face this – after all, you have taken the road less traveled.
  • Sort your thoughts by writing in a book. Write all the ambitions you’ve always wanted to achieve (it also includes your solo trip to Disneyland!).
  • Write about your passion, strengths & weaknesses, and different interests that you’d wish to explore.
  • Research all the career options that are related to your passion.
  • Get in touch with the experts of the industry and ask them about their journey.
  • Once sorted, try working in different companies. It’s not wrong if you have to be an intern also. You’re just starting in the new world. It will take time for you to create your cranny.

While here are some tips that can help you declutter the mess in your head. There is a list of jobs you can try meanwhile that helps you pay your bills.

Become a content creator

Content doesn’t just have to be stand-up comedy videos or ‘how to’ videos. The world has gone virtual, leaving you with massive opportunities to try your hand everywhere. Create content that educates as well as engages people. Make teaching videos or start a cooking channel. Teach pottery or fitness.

If you’re a geek who loves coding, teach the same to young kids and young adults. Sing, dance, or just paint your way to millions of phones and computers. If you specialize in psychology and well-being, then provide webinars and make videos that help people with the burning issues and concerns.

Bank on your multilingual skills

It is quite a given notion that most people in this world know at least two languages. Bilingual or multilingual, the more languages you know, the more opportunities you find. If you’re proficient in English, then teach this language to those willing to learn English.

Many industries are looking for people who can help them translate to their local language from the foreign ones. The more international languages you know, the more options you get to become a translator, transcriber, or just an interpreter. A translator and interpreter would want you to translate the content orally. As a transcriber, you are required to convert the text from a foreign language to the local language.

Become a freelancer

There is nothing more rewarding than being a freelancer and doing the gigs you usually love to do. The best part is, you get paid better than any other regular jobs you apply for. Being a freelancer also helps you to pick and choose the time you wish to work. However, the same aspect becomes a downside as it doesn’t have offs and holidays like the regular jobs.

Being a freelancer, you can also choose to be a full-time or a part-timer. There are many websites available on the internet that can help you find these freelance gigs. Upwork, We Work Remotely, Fiverr are a few websites that can help you get started. These are verified and authentic websites that secure you from any online malpractices.

Ask the experts

Asking the expert opinion regarding their industry will fetch you better insights than just googling the information online. You can begin a podcast and bring each industry expert from various fields to help get an answer to a lot of questions. Or you can blog it for your blog content. Either way, it is a win-win situation for you. You get content for your blog/podcast, and you also get to know the understandings of a given industry.

But how to reach out to an expert, you ask? Simple. Get access to their professional email address. There are multiple email finder tools online that can help you fetch the email contacts of anyone around the world. One such qualitative website is GetEmail.io. It is an AI-powered website with a massive database of all the email contacts of people around the world. You can get the email address at the drop a hat!

This email finder tool also comes with a chrome extension to Linkedin. You can use this tool to access the profiles you have been looking for for quite some time. You can utilize this tool not only for your podcasts and blogs but also for your career growth.

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