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7 Ways How Study App has Impacted the Education Industry


Education has taken loads of twists and turns since the day man acknowledged its importance. From being imparted orally to being written down in books towards the path of using a study app – evolution has always been for the better! Yes, we do agree that there have been some negative impacts of these advances in the education industry as well. However, these are very meagre as compared with positive effects of the same. Presently, the changes brought through the study app in the education world are in the talks. So, let’s read how it has impacted the teaching, learning and studying system below.

1. Automating the tasks — From the teachers to the students, everybody enjoys a very automated form of teaching and learning because of these study applications. While the teachers were required to jot down each and everything and keep a record of the student’s progress and performance in the books earlier, now they have everything automated in the applications which makes their work quite easy. Even for the students, they used to write down the answers and submit them to the teachers. But now, they just have to create a word file and submit it on the application.

2. Smart knowledge imparting — Using a study app means an online form of education which is better and smarter than the offline ones. From being limited to just the physical classrooms and limited stock of books, students can now refer to various mediums online which actually makes them better at learning the concepts.

3. Customised teaching and learning methods — The method of each teacher and the demand of the students differ. With the study apps, not only the teachers can decide the application in their own personal way, but even the students can learn through a different way that suits them. This leads to easy learning and quicker studying methods.

4. Enhancing the virtual learning environment — Virtual learning or online classes are now possible because of the study app. We all know that not all of us can afford to attend the physical classrooms. In such a case, these online classes are considered a boon and because of the various study apps, the virtual learning environment is improving for the better.

5. Round the clock support and assistance — The convenience of a study app is really great and benefits the educational engagement a lot. It’s because the students now don’t have to worry about solving a query or simply anticipate a teacher’s presence for assistance. They easily get round the clock support and help through the artificial intelligence process in the study apps and also through the tutors available online during that time.

6. Easy career assistance for tutors — There have been times when even good tutors and teachers were jobless and couldn’t get a chance to teach students because institutions already had many teachers there. But because of the teaching applications, these mentors got a chance to teach privately and earn better. It also gave students access to great teachers that can teach them better because of the study apps.

7. Safest and secure learning environment — The educational procedure requires you to provide some of your very personal details in the institutes. However, there was always this fear of breach of this personal information. Now, thanks to the study apps, your information is secure in these applications and students don’t need to submit this data again and again because of these apps.


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