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7 Stretches You Need to Do if you are Working Daily 9-5


Daily grind can do a lot of changes to the body. Most people start working early in the morning until late afternoon. The only time they have for themselves are the quick nap times and an hour long lunch break. It does not matter if you are working in an office or you are doing field work, you will still feel how your whole body is affected by what you do the whole day.


Some people experience back pains and other body aches after work because of static position. This is one thing that will let you realize that there is really a need for you to exercise regularly. However, most people do not have the luxury of time to commit to a regular workout routine. This is because of their busy schedules and other things that they see as more important. Your work and your other priorities may hinder you from becoming healthier. This is one thing that you have to check. If you want to be healthier and you do not want to experience some body aches that can be caused by constantly sitting down or doing a difficult body work, you can consider stretching.

Here are some of the stretches that you need to do if you are working daily from 9-5 as recommended by Dr. James Kojian:

Rubber Neck

This is one of the easiest stretches that you can do even while you’re seated. All you need to do is to sit up straight and drop your ear down to your shoulder. You can start with the right ear and right shoulder for this. You do not really need to let the ear touch your shoulder. Hold that position for few seconds and do it with the other side. This is a perfect stretch especially if you are in front of the computer and you have been busy working for the whole day. You also need to relax and to make sure that your muscles are all working right.

Turn Your Head to the Left and to the Right

One of the best ways for you to stretch your neck muscles is to move your head slowly to the left and to the right. You can do this every time you feel uncomfortable. While you are busy typing and your eyes are focused on the screen of your computer, you will notice that you also feel a bit uncomfortable on the neck part. This is because of the stationary position that you have. This is where this exercise can easily be done. Just make sure that you are sitting uprightly. This way, you will be able to do it right.

Knee Hugger

Sometimes, being seated for a long time can also cause muscle cramps and a little pain on the leg part. This is why it is recommended for you to start once in a while. Aside from that, you can also consider other stretches. Knee hugger is just one of those that can help you stretch your muscles on the feet without really getting out of your chair. Just move away from the table and stay on your seat. Sit with your back straight and your legs parallel to the floor. Now, if you already achieved that position, you can now start pulling up your right knee with the support of your two hands. Hold the position for few seconds and repeat the same steps on the other side. You can do this as often as you need to stretch your knees.

The Stair Master

Becoming the stair master will surely give you a better body condition. Instead of using the elevator or the escalator, you should consider taking the stairs. This will give you more time to stretch your legs. It has been proven in different studies that people who take the stairs and those who walk more are healthier compared to those who do not walk at all. Walking will give you a better time to increase your energy. It is also the perfect time for you to think of the next steps you need to take during the day. The best way to make this happen is for you to adjust your time and be at the office earlier than usual. This way, you do not have to worry so much of the time.

The Mover and Shaker

In a different field, a mover and shaker is someone who influences everybody and someone who leads and initiates. In stretching and exercise, a mover and shaker is someone who makes sure that there is always time for free movement and few stretches. Instead of just staying on your seat for many hours, you should always make it a point to stand, move, dance and shake off that sleepy state. It will not only help you feel more energetic but it can also provide you with the best possible chance to keep your joints and muscles properly moving.

The Wall Sit

This is one of the exercises that will be helpful for you especially if you want to lessen back pain and maintain the strength of your knees. Stand with your back on the wall and your feet apart on the floor. Make sure that the control is on your knees and your feet. With your back straight on the wall, put yourself in a sitting position with your legs parallel with the floor and the back of your knees on a 90 degree angle. Hold that position for few seconds and stand up slowly.

The Desk Squat

Now that you are already familiar with the easy parts of stretching, you can now try this. Desk squat is a bit challenging because you will not have a back support. All you need to do is to stand and slowly bend your knees until your legs are parallel with the floor. Hold the position for as long as you can. This will help you stretch those parts the your body that you often neglect.

Stretching is certainly important and it is possible for you to do it even in your busy 9-5 schedule.

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