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7 Reasons Why WordPress is BEST CMS


WordPress actually rules the web with particularly 60 million people using it. From the day of its launch, it has been the most widely used CMS (content management system). Well, since 2003 it has been on the first rank and powers around 34% of the World Wide Web which is a pretty big percentage.


Basically, WordPress is a blogging platform that helps you to make your own website for any kind of business as a professionally made website helps you to promote your business efficiently. Moreover, WordPress is highly customizable and you can create an optimized blog and fully functional and convenient website using this. Furthermore, the most interesting fact that fascinates the new users towards using it is that it has been just a few months that WordPress 5.3 has launched and the count of downloads has already reached up to 8088611. Isn’t it amazing?

Well, if you are a beginner in blogging field and are still doubtful as to trust which content management system, then here are some of the good reasons you should choose WordPress website

1. WordPress focuses on user-experience:-

All the small aspects like themes and plugins at WordPress work efficiently together to make your websites look attractive. All these things increase the functionality of the website from a professional point of view and make the website user-friendly.

Enjoying all these benefits, the users get the best experience on the WordPress website. And if the user finds it easy to browse then he or she would stay longer on your site which further decreases the chances of overall site bounce rate. This further helps you to get rewarded by Google by providing a good user experience.

2. WordPress allows you to create attractive Permalinks:-

Gone are the days when you used to put in a lot of effort just to edit your website’s permalink. With WordPress, you just need to plug your keyboard into your URL. In this way, you don’t need to get into all those ugly characters containing URL for this edition. Furthermore, WordPress doesn’t only make the permalink look good but also facilitates you with the ability to check the ranking as well.

3. Simple image optimizations:-

Images play a vital role in making a blog post attractive and readable, they can actually make your content more interesting. Likewise, the pages on your website’s content are of equal importance when we are talking about SEO. Well, WordPress helps you to optimize your pictures in order to raise your SEO rankings. WordPress lets you create an alt text for each image that you are inserting you’re your text.

Furthermore, with WordPress, you can re-size your images in order to prevent the slowing down of the speed of your page’s loading speed and you can use a plugin in order to create an alt text automatically for all the images you have inserted.

4. Mobile-user friendly:-

From the past few years, people have started using their mobiles very much as mobile traffic went up to 222% in the last five years. So, if you are trying to promote your business more and more online, then your website needs to be very much optimized for mobile usage.

Well, you don’t need to think about all these factors if you are already using WordPress for your website. And the most important fact is almost all the themes on WordPress are already optimized for mobile usage.

5. WordPress integrates your marketing campaigns with your social media:-

In this era of high technology, there is no person who doesn’t use social media. It is a new platform to promote your brand as it is the new marketing technique. If you get a successful promotion on social media then it will positively influence your SEO rankings. And WordPress makes it more convenient for you to boost your online marketing with the help of social media by facilitating you with the customized social media buttons, especially for your blog so that your readers can share your content easily. Moreover, WordPress also provides you the benefit of providing the facility to add social media feeds to your site.

6. WordPress does not frustrate the users with slow load time:-

Page speed affects your ranking result a lot and further frustrates your users. It can be called a huge Google ranking factor. And with WordPress, you can use various plugins that help you speed up with your website’s page. For instance, you can sue a short pixel image containing amazing plugins that can compress your PDF documents and previous images in order to raise your loading time speed.

Well, not only this short pixel image optimizer but WPOptimize is another plugin that helps you by clearing your database and compresses your images for loading it quickly.

7. Works perfectly for SEO:-

This is the most important reason why WordPress is ruling over the web. WordPress has an appropriate HTML markup that works magically for CMS’s. And most of the CMS’s don’t have an effective HTML markup, which differentiates WordPress from the rest of the systems. Besides this, WordPress uses title tags and headings in an efficient way to make your content more readable.
Well, you can also use free SEO plugins in order to create an XML sitemap and WordPress automatically submits it to Google.
In nutshell, WordPress is the most preferred platform that is packed with SEO friendly themes and plugins.


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