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7 Landscaping Tips That Will Increase Your Home Value


Every homeowner wants to enjoy and take pride in their home’s appearance, as it is the first and last thing you see as you come and go from your home. According to real estate experts, there are some clever landscaping ideas that will instantly increase your home’s value by up to 20 percent, boost your property value and attract more potential buyers if and when you want to sell it. Check out our helpful landscaping tips:

7 Landscaping Tips That Will Increase Your Home Value

1. Plant A Tree

This is one of the simplest ways of raising home value and adding natural beauty to your property. Trees do more than just look lovely and offer shade. They can help keep your home cool by the amount of shade that they produce and they are great for the environment. Planting a tree is an inexpensive investment that is long-lasting, eco-friendly, requires little maintenance and can increase your home value by 6 to 11 percent as researched by Michigan University.

Five, gorgeous trees that landscaping pros recommend for awesome curb appeal include the northern red oak, concolor fir, bigleaf magnolia, sugar maple and crape myrtle.

2. Outdoor Living Space

Potential homebuyers really enjoy viewing properties that feature a beautiful outdoor living space, and that trend doesn’t appear to be disappearing anytime soon. There are all kinds of creative options to designing a backyard with an “outdoor room” that acts as an oasis for your family and friends. You can add the typical features such as a fire pit, deck or patio, but you can also expand on that idea and include an outdoor kitchen, pergola, inground swimming pool, or awning.

3. Water Accent

It’s no secret that people enjoy looking at running water, and when your property boasts a water feature, it’s a cool way to have your home stand out in aesthetics and value.

For example, a gorgeous fountain in the front yard or a backyard waterfall or a small, lovely pond that defines your landscape are great ideas for an eye-catching water accent.

Many of these water features work by using recycled water, so it’s economical and not hard to maintain.

4. Outdoor Lighting

Not only is outdoor lighting for the home an elegant way of enhancing your property and landscape, but it also offers home security. This trend remains a hot one and very attractive to potential homebuyers. Outdoor lighting can get very expensive and elaborate, but you can also stay well within your budget and choose from handsome solar or LED options. Pathway lights are another idea for putting a pretty spotlight on your walkway, stairs or driveway.

5. Automatic Irrigation System

To keep your lawn looking green and lush and your plants healthy and thriving, consider having an automatic irrigation system installed. It’s the modern way to water your grass without getting a hose and spending precious time trying to reach every spot on your property by hand. An irrigation system with a convenient water sensor will have you save money, too, and is designed in zones. The water sprinklers come on at the time you desire, and the sensor can communicate with your irrigation timer about rainfall and whether to skip the next watering cycle. According to realtors in Beaumont Texas, it is also important that your home’s appearance matches your lifestyle. If you do not want to worry about maintenance, then xeriscaping might be the right choice for you. Using the native plants from your area will ensure that they thrive while costing you less money.

6. An Edged Lawn

It may sound so simple and silly and not a big deal to have, but a lawn and property with edging make a major aesthetic difference. Landscaping experts recommend having a well-kept lawn that looks healthy and mowed and shows off those crisp, clean lines. The edging shouldn’t end at your lawn, either. Continue your manicuring efforts along the driveway, pathways, sidewalks and garden beds.

7. A Seasonal Balance

For most folks, their properties come alive during spring and summer when their gardens and shrubbery are blooming. To add exceptional home value, use curb appeal that extends through every season. It adds a lovely balance to your home and keeps it looking handsome all year long. You can choose shrubs that display stunning fall colors, and evergreens as classic winter plants. A home that features seasonal balance is yet another attractive asset.

Owning a home is a smart investment. Maintaining its appearance is essential, and beautiful landscaping upgrades are one area that can guarantee a boost in home value.

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