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7 Hottest Workout Apps of 2019 You Must Download


Exercising requires a lot of time and consistency. And if you really want to shed those extra pounds, you must need a proper workout routine. And if you can’t manage to go to the gym, try some fitness apps to stay in shape.

Today, there are a lot of apps for all kinds of workout including Yoga, Pilates, High-intensity Interval Training, and other training sessions. These apps are gaining popularity especially among women. But you need to spend proper time and concentration to get desired results.

The perk? You can workout in your cozy leggings and fitness bra anywhere, in your living room, garden, patio or wherever you find peace.

7 Hottest Workout Apps of 2019 You Must Download

Here I am sharing some of the hottest workout apps of 2019 that you must download

1. Yoga Download

Want to get that hourglass shape? Try YogaDownload! This app will help you to practice yoga under the supervision of certified Yoga Practitioners and experts in your comfort zone. Simply select the class length, your favorite expert, experience levels, music, and here you go. To download this app at budget-friendly rates, use YogaDownload Coupons available at PennySaviour.

2. Nike Training Club – Workout and Fitness Plans

Google Ads on mobile applications are so annoying and this is the reason people avoid downloading the apps on their phone. Bike Training Club is one of the best apps that contain no ads. You will find 160 workouts that emphasis on strength, flexibility, and endurance. It helps the users to focus on their biceps, shoulders, and other body parts. You will see a lot of good reviews about this application. You must give it a try for your fitness plans.

3. Map My Fitness Workout Trainer

To map or track your fitness plan, you can use this application. You will find many tools and features in it that will help you to stay on track and inspired. One of the best things is that you can use ways to find nearby places to work out and save your favorite paths. Be a part of a premium member so that it will unlock all the other best features.

4. Home Workout – No Equipment

Through home work out app, you can do muscle exercise without going to the gym. No equipment required and devoid of coach, you can smoothly perform the task with your body weight. It includes the training for your abs, chest, leg, butt, and all over your body. You have to go through this app properly to get proper information regarding home bodybuilding without any use of the equipment.

5. Sworkit Lite

Want to set a routine for cardio? Stretch? Or Pilates? Sworkit is here for you. You can build custom routines of randomized exercises according to your energy level. You can FREE download the app from google play store or Apple store. You will never get bored with your routine because the app has premium features such as exercise variations, the ability to save custom workouts, and workout history.

6. TRX Training

TRX is known for all-round fitness because it helps the users whether they want to lose their weight, build strength, or increase their stamina. You can take this training through air audio so that you will feel comfortable enough to work out and get an immediate result. If you are already using this app, you can download the new version that includes advanced features.

7. Daily Yoga – Yoga Fitness Plans

Want to get proper yoga and meditation classes at home? Try Daily yoga. It can be the favorite app of all the people who want to become fit and smart without rushing to the gym. It will not only keep you fit and healthy, but also keep your mind fresh and stress free. You should download it so that you will find better information regarding the yoga plans.

The Final Thought

Staying in shape is not a dream anymore if you take benefits from today’s technology and stay consistent with your routine. But don’t forget to consume healthy diets or protein powders while working out because you need more energy for those toughest sweaty sessions. These are just a few applications, there are hundreds and thousands of more available in the app store. Try these apps and share your success stories.

Stay healthy and beautiful!

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