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7 Beware Outdoor Lighting Tips To Brighten Up Your Holiday


The arrival of the festival season puts you in the feel of decorating every corner of your house. Giving your full home a makeover can be a little challenging, but you can change a few elements of your home to make it look bright and festive. The festive season gives you all the valid reasons to change your furniture, accessorise your rooms, and lighten up your home. You need to be creative and think out of the box while adding these changes into your house as it can make your house look festive yet classy.

7 Beware Outdoor Lighting Tips To Brighten Up Your Holiday

Festivals are incomplete without lightening up your house. The perfect exterior lighting can change the look of your home. You need to design the exterior lighting of your house by using layers of different types of lighting. The right lighting will improve the landscape of your house and will provide safety to you and your family members. You also need to be extremely careful while selecting the lighting for the exteriors of your home as the outdoors receive direct exposure to the natural elements like sunlight and water. While you are in a dilemma of how to decorate your home for the festival season, the tips below will give you some unique ideas for lighting up the outdoors of your home and make it ready for your favorite season.

1. PAIR DIFFERENT TYPES OF LIGHTS: Lights are an essential element during the festival season in places all around the world. While lightening up your home for the festival season, you need to be creative and unique. You can decorate your home with one type of light, or you can decorate the exteriors with different types of lights. Pairing different types of lights require you to make a structure about the placement of the lights at the right places. You can hang falling LED lights with an extension cord on the ceilings and windows edges for giving your home a sparkly look. You can also use a combination of metals and fairy lights to decorate the doors, window panes, and trees outside your home. You can also hang lanterns on your ceiling to give your home a very earthy look.

2. PAY ATTENTION TO THE PLACEMENT OF THE LIGHTING: The placement of the lighting plays a very important part while making your house look aesthetic. You should cover the whole front portion of your home as it is the one that captures the most attention. You also need to make sure that you cover the window panes and outline your front door to make your home look brighter. You can also detail the chimneys and roofs with a string of LED lights so that your home looks neat and well lit. For lighting the backside of your home, you just need to detail the windows with LED lights so that it looks subtle and festive.

3. DO NOT FORGET TO DECORATE THE PLANTS: The plants and trees in your front yard add beauty to your home. When lighting up the exteriors of your house, you should not forget to decorate the plants and trees with lights. You can also add other accessories to your trees like hanging lamps, small bulbs, and fixtures specific to the festival. One of the most subtle things that you can do to highlight the beauty of your plants is by installing small lights at the bottom of the trees and plants. These lights will make the plants and the trees stand out and give your front yard a very classy look. You can choose a combination of two to three colors that are festival specific for making your plants look colorful.

4. PLACE A DIY CHANDELIER OUTSIDE YOUR MAIN DOOR: Chandeliers represent royalty and add grace to a home. Even though most of the chandeliers come for indoor installment, you can make a chandelier yourself for installing it outside your main door. For making the chandelier, all you need is a bunch of fairy lights, a big metallic bangle, and some colored wool. You need to wrap the wool around the metallic bangle in such a way that it starts to look like a ball. Once you make a ball out of the bangle and wool, you need to paste the fairy lights in such a way that they cover most of the ball. After completing these steps, your chandelier will be ready to add charm to your home.

5. FABRIC LAMPS FOR DETAILING YOUR ROOF: Outlining your roof with only LED lights will give it a very basic look. If you want the outdoor lighting of your home to look unique, you can attach fabric lamps on your roof. As the name suggests, fabric lamps have different types of fabrics that help the light to shine brighter, and the patterns on the fabrics make the lamps look even more graceful. You can place these lamps at an equal distance from each other as the roof will start looking weird if you concentrate all of them at a single place. You can also hang these lamps on your main gate to give a better look to your home.

6. GIVE YOUR FRONT STAIRS A SUBTLE LOOK: You should not forget decorating and lighting up your front stairs while decorating the outdoors of your home. Lighting up your front stairs can make your home look ready for the festivals. Some of the ways in which you can light up your front stairs include detailing them with stripes of LED lights, keeping two lanterns on both sides of a single step of stairs, and backlighting them. Another way to add exclusivity to the lighting of your stairs is by illuminating the handrails of stairs. This idea is one of the minimalistic ideas for adding grace to your staircase.

7. COVER YOUR FENCE WITH STRING LIGHTS: While you light up all the other essential outdoor portions of your house like your lawn, staircase, main gate, roof, and the main door, you should not forget lighting up your fence. A well-lit fence is not only aesthetically appealing, but it adds to the festive mood of the house. You should select a suitable combination of colors for lighting up your fence so that it matches with the theme of the festival. You can also hang small accessories related to the festival on your fence. Apart from string lights, you can also put a string of yellow bulbs for giving a very classy look to your home.

Lighting up your home during the festival can increase your excitement for the festivals. Once you plan out how you want to light the exteriors of your house, you should also be certain about the safety of your home. Purchasing lights with a well-insulated wire is the first step towards caring about the security of you and your home. You should also be careful while connecting the different lights as an overload can happen if you do not pay attention to these minor things. Once the festival season is over, you should remove all the lighting so that you do not waste electricity. Festivals are always fun, and decorating your home makes the festival season even more fun. You can read the seven unique lighting ideas for making the exteriors of your home unique so that you can welcome the festival season with a bang!


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