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7 Best Tips for Award Winning Logo Design


One is the excellent logo, and another one is a unique logo the primary difference between both are good logo people don’t recognize for the longest time, but the people always remember a brand with great logo even without the brand’s name connected.

7 Best Tips for Award Winning Logo Design

But, the question is how to design a logo what that influences people regarding your brand?

In case you’re making a Professional Logo Design for your organization, you’re in a unique position to have a fantastic effect on how consumers perceive your brand.

In case if you are confused how to start with a professional logo design for your brand? Then we have separated the key strides which will help you to create a logo that you cherish, as well as your prospects will as well.

1. Start with Your Brand Story

Organizations are open to gain profit – it’s not the most beautiful articulation, but instead it’s the one you have to begin with. So to do a profitable business, you should have the capacity to move similarly and your product. Advertisers today will, in general, concur that buyers associate substantially more unequivocally to stories than they do to the essential certainties of your product. So, there should be some story in your logo.

2. Words That Describe Your Brand

Since you have your story, it’s an ideal opportunity to take your logo draft from story to set. For the better name selection I mostly use thesaurus.com. Put the world in thesaurus search bar and hit eater you will find number of synonyms related to word you put is search bar.

Let me explain it with an example, If you have a clothes business, you may type in “dress.” You’d be amazed by how elucidating the synonyms are that show up. You can even snap these outcomes to begin new searches and delve further as you focus in on the words that best capture your brand.

Discover five to 10 words that depict what you do, as well as the way from the previous advance. Every one of these words can fit like pieces in a puzzle and help manage you to refine an idea.

3. Sketch Ideas Based on These Words

Grab a pen paper and sketch your thought that comes into your head. Shape every idea in unique design. And always remember to try not to baffled if the initial few aren’t right – continue refining, utilizing previous sketches to impact the result of new ones. You may concentrate these sketches on a shape, the name of your brand, or both.

4. Examine Your Sketch According to Your Customers

When you have a bunch of various sketches on paper, make a stride back and pick the main three ideas. Try not to contemplate this – consider the designs your eyes prop up back to, and select them to show to other people.

Offer these drafts with your companions, relatives, and a colleague you trust. If conceivable, convey these sketches to somebody who best accommodates your buyer persona – or your optimal client profile. This gives you the most productive opinion on your artwork since it can show how customers will get your brand – not merely the general population near you.

Be set up for legit input and don’t think about any negative remarks literally. These reactions will improve your last logo. Utilize their information to choose one last idea to form into a design.

5. Refine Your Chosen Sketch

Congrats, you’re well on your approach to having a fantastic logo! When you’ve distinguished a sketch to keep running with, it’s an excellent opportunity to refine it and impeccable the story you began with in Step 1.

To start refining your logo, glance back at the terms you distinguished when you previously utilized Thesaurus.com in Step 2. Presently take a gander at your chosen sketch and ask yourself: Which names does this sketch not yet capture? Use them to build up your sketch further, and include back the characteristics you loved best about the designs you didn’t finish up deciding for refinement.

6. Use the Free Design Platform

Presently, it’s an ideal opportunity to get technical and transform your paper drawing into a usable digital format. To breath life into this design, you have many free design platforms accessible to recreate your sketch in digital form. Here are a couple of free tools:

  • Logo Crisp
  • Logojoy
  • DesignMantic
  • GraphicSprings

The platforms above can enable you to put your sketched logo in digital format, yet breathing life into your idea for a business group of onlookers requires a touch of technical course. A standout amongst the essential things to get right is the format. Ensure the majority of your text and shapes are consummately dispersed and the logo itself is lined up with its environment.

Your logo doesn’t need to be symmetrical. However, it ought to be adjusted in various contexts. Chances are, you will experience circumstances when your logo sits against different vertical and flat outskirts, and it ought to seem even with these surroundings regardless of how you may repurpose your logo and where you may distribute it.

7. Pick Versatile Color Options

Your logo’s color plan may look great against the color of the canvas on which you designed it, yet in the end, your logo will be set on backgrounds whose colors you didn’t begin with.

This is an ideal opportunity to join text with symbolism. In case you’re chosen sketch is essentially a shape or symbol, instead of text, start to factor in the composed name of your organization. Consider the typeface this text will convey if your organization name ever remains individually without the symbol.

Trust it or not, your font decision can say a great deal regarding your business. You can pick a font that is either serif (with stems on each letter) or sans serif (no stems) – otherwise called exemplary or present day, separately.

Logos are intended to speak to your organization on different platforms – in print, on your site, on every one of your online life business pages, and over the internet as your business develops. You need a logo that can be exploded overly extensive for an announcement, yet additionally downsized for screening onto the side of a pen.

All aspects of your logo ought to be intelligible, regardless of the logo’s size.


Hi Still with us? Applying the above points in your professional logo design technique will help you to design a great logo. Feel free to share your thoughts in given below comment box.


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