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6 Reasons Why An Online Learning Platform Offers More Than You Think


Education and learning as we know it have changed drastically over the last few years. Admission into a good institution, a great teacher or access to amazing books are no longer the only ways to learn. With the advent of online education that revolutionized learning, virtual options have become the norm. From Online coaching classes for CBSE, JEE and NEET to executive programs from premiere institutions across the world, everything is a possibility today. This has above all democratized education, increased scalability and made it accessible to even the remotest corners of the globe. The pandemic has put a damper on many things, but we see education coping up quite well with online classes, and assistance from other online EdTech platforms.

6 Reasons Why An Online Learning Platform Offers More Than You Think

If you thought these platforms were substitutes for classroom learning, or extensions of tuitions, you may have been gravely mistaken. There is much more on offer in the world of EdTech, beyond competitive exams, children’s rhymes and printable worksheets. Here is why they are such a hit:

Infinite resource library:

The internet has given us one thing to be confident about – you can get an answer for everything, and be anything. Hiring managers today prefer Jack of all trades, and a short online course on Coursera, Udemy, and a host of other Online learning platform for students and professionals, give you hands on skills to introduce you to those multiple worlds. Coding, AI, psychology, Music, Literature – if you have an interest, you can nurture it! The universe is infinite and so are the learning resources on the internet. All you need is a drive to learn.


Picking up a new language after work hours? Have a career in finance but interest in learning how to code? Curious about organic chemistry beyond what is in your textbook? Online learning has made all this quite effortless. Of course there are distractions, but all you have to do is invest time. Available round the clock, and accessible forever, these platforms often simplify and explain the most complex things in a lucid and comprehensive manner. Every student between K6-K12 has a favourite website or app they go to today for their academic support, that explains it all. They are approachable, available and provide easy access to information.

More opportunities:

A good learning platform brings together quality resources, great instructors and curious minds together. Another big advantage of an online learning platform is the peer group it offers access to. Group pages, discussion threads, discord servers for common ideas – they give room for creativity and innovation that a formal classroom misses at times. Often learning platforms aren’t substitutes for classrooms, universities or schools but a crucial assistance system.

Enhanced independent learning:

Access to online learning resources often means the student can pursue it at a self paced, comfortable learning position which is not possible in a physical classroom setting. That said, the advantages of group learning among peers, and a classroom cannot be ruled out. This mode of learning triggers understanding concepts in a more personalized way, and may pave the way for building stronger fundamentals. Online learning programs for K6 to K12 students today, not only offer great quality and range of material, but also provide the opportunity to pursue interests over and above the syllabus.

Facilitates teaching and learning:

Learning platforms and EdTech has made education easier for teachers, parents, administrators and management as well. It reduces workload for teachers, enhances communication with students and reduces spending on teaching resources. It makes parental involvement in the student’s education easier too, which is crucial for the success of a child’s education. This is also a great tool in facilitating literacy and inclusion, with its outreach combined with low cost connectivity. It also helps the teachers utilise their time towards dedicated teaching and other activity planning, by taking over and digitising the other mundane, repetitive chores.

Easier monitoring and assessment:

A very important but often ignore by product of EdTech is the power of self-reporting. Self-reporting is the student’s ability to understand the gap he/she faces in understanding the concept and reaching out to bridge that gap. Learning platforms make it easier for students to reach out, at a comfortable time and space about doubts, concepts they could not understand the first time, or issues that need deeper analysis. Further, this allows students to showcase their achievements beyond the school and reach with peers across the globe.

Online learning has opened a world of opportunities to students, professionals seeking career changes, and lifelong learners alike. That said, like everything there are caveats like digital fatigue or content abuse and issues related to cyber bullying and security. But the advantages clearly outweigh them when caution is carefully employed.

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