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6 Great Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy


Being pregnant is wonderful, but it’s also the time when you should take special care of yourself with a baby inside your tummy.

Carrying out your pregnancy safely is what matters the most for you and your little bundle of joy, so make sure to follow these six tips for a healthy and happy pregnancy!

6 Great Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy

1. Schedule a prenatal visit

A prenatal visit to your obstetrician is a must – schedule it as soon as possible. You should let your gynecologists doctor know about all the medical conditions you’ve had or are being treated for, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or even depression. Your doctor may need to change your dosages or even medications during your pregnancy to protect the fetus. There will probably other issues you will discuss, so make sure you schedule the next appointment before you leave the doctor’s office. Don’t skip any of the scheduled appointments during your pregnancy.

2. Take prenatal vitamins

Even while you’re still trying to conceive, you should start taking prenatal vitamins. Nutrients such as iron, folic acid, and calcium are very important for the development of the baby’s brain and spinal cord, especially in the first month of pregnancy.

You can easily buy prenatal vitamins in every drug store or your doctor can prescribe them for you. It’s best to take them with a light snack.

3. Increase the size of your meals

You should eat around 300 calories more each day during your pregnancy. However, those calories have to be in the form of food rich in calcium, such as milk and yogurt, fish, and vegetables. Healthy pregnancy meals do not include raw meat and soft cheese and they should be divided into 4-6 smaller meals to maintain even blood sugar level.

4. Exercise regularly

Staying active throughout pregnancy is very important because it helps you reduce stress but also improves your circulation and keeps your weight in check. You will feel better and more energetic and you will also sleep better. If you can’t have pregnancy exercise classes, at least walk 20 minutes every day at a moderate pace.

Pregnant women can also do yoga, pilates, and swimming – these activities have minimum risk of injuries and are very relaxing and beneficial to your body and mind. However, it’s best to check with your doctor first. Up to 30 minutes of exercise a couple of days a week should suffice to keep you in good shape.

5. Get a flu shot

Some vaccines are not recommended during pregnancy because they could harm the fetus. However, you don’t have to be worried about getting a flu shot. What’s more, this vaccine is highly recommended during pregnancy because H1N1/swine flu and the seasonal flu can seriously harm both the mom and the baby. So, get a shot for both of the types of flu and make sure that the person giving you the shots knows you are pregnant, as you should not receive the nasal form of the vaccine.

6. Avoid toxins

You should avoid tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drugs during your pregnancy – all of them are linked to birth defects, miscarriage, and many other health issues. Even nail polish remover can cause problems. If you continue smoking during pregnancy, it could decrease oxygen flow to your baby. However, if you really can’t stop smoking or drinking alcohol during pregnancy, you need to let your doctor know because they can offer you advice and support. They will also probably refer you to a program that helps you deal with your issue.

Final words

It’s very important not to have yourself stressed out and worried too much – pregnancy is a natural thing and your body knows what it’s doing. You should only help it by leading a healthy and responsible lifestyle.

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