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6 Gifts Ideas to Make this Diwali Happy, for a Techie!


What if I told you that your favorite gadgets were on massive discount, which gadgets would you pick? I think you will grab everything that comes to your sight, right? Well, good news for you, because Diwali is here. You must be thinking that how is Diwali related to purchasing gadgets? Well, Diwali is the perfect time to get your hands on the gadgets you have been eying on because hello! Diwali sales are back. What is your most favorite part of Diwali? Some will say burning crackers, receiving Diwali gifts, while others will claim to gobble on Diwali sweets as their favorite part.

6 Gifts ideas to make this Diwali happy, for a techie

But there is one more important thing that defines the festive season, and that is – gifting! Yes, gifting is an important custom, and thus, people start looking for Diwali gifts for family and friends. But what if the person you are looking for gifts for is crazy for technology? Don’t you agree that every family has a tech freak member? And dry fruits and Diwali candles will excite him/her? No, right? It’s time to set your foot in the techno world and buy Diwali gifts for your techie friend.

With the technology world evolving every minute, it becomes difficult to keep track of the latest gadgets. When you are willing to spend thousands on technology, you wouldn’t like to buy an outdated one, right? That is why I have brought you a list of all the latest gadgets you can gift.

Time to splurge on the latest gadgets and its accessories.

Amazon Echo Input

Let’s start the list with this smart speaker- amazon echo input. Because let’s agree, music is important in life. This is not just any speaker; the features will amaze you. If they already own a wireless Bluetooth speaker, don’t worry, amazon echo input will go one step up. Because unlike the other smart speakers, this gadget converts into hands-free voice control. Yes, it can be controlled with your voice as it connects with Alexa that enables you to play music, set alarms, check the weather, makes calls, send messages, controls smart home appliances, and whatnot. You can connect it through Bluetooth or USB cable.

Smart Bag

As the name suggests, it’s not just any other bag, it’s a smart bag. Have you heard about smart bags? Yes, it is a thing. With everything and everyone getting smarter, how can bags be not a part of it? Well, when the bags got smarter, they evolved themselves to be wireless Bluetooth enabled and mechanized with the anti-theft system. It will inform you if it is taken beyond your range. Other than having lots of pockets, the bag is waterproof, shockproof, scratch-resistant, and an organizer for tablets and laptops. It will cost you between 2500- 5000rs. All in all, its a good deal for the money.

E-book reader

If your techie is a perfect combination of technology freak and bookworm, here is a perfect gift for such a combination. You can choose the kindle paperwhite or amazon kindle (10th gen); both are amazing in their features. A simple thin ebook-reader cut down your need to hoard on thousands of books. It has a storage of 4 GB So that those reading sessions do not stop.

Oh, and don’t worry about the eyesight for the late-night reading sessions, as the e-book reader has an adjustable built-in light system. If budget is not an issue, definitely go for this one.

Fitbit Alta HR

When talking about gadgets, how can we not mention the gadget that is most famous amongst people nowadays? It is a fitness watch.

With the world going all health freak, fitness watches are the most famous gadget amongst people and are high on demand. And why not, it has all the features that will keep your fitness track. If you are planning to buy a fitness band, Fitbit is a good option. Fitbit launches a new version every year, and Fitbit Alta HR is the latest one. If the budget is something that you are worried about, you can go for other fitness bands. They work well too.

These were some gifts inspired by technology for your tech freak. So next time you are purchasing Diwali gifts in Mumbai, don’t just run for sweets.

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