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6 Equipment Rental Products that Makes your Concert Successful


If you’re planning of organizing or putting on a great concert, it is vital to realize that there is nothing more important than your talent, which is why people are going to come and see you.

However, there are a plethora of important factors that you need to consider to make your concert stand out of the rest. And when you talk about quality and making the concert an instant hit, you need to start thinking about renting all the right type of equipment.

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The equipment you are going to need isn’t just going to make your concert more efficient and professional, but it is also going to help enhance and accentuate your natural talent.

The best thing about equipment and products for concerts is the fact that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars purchasing everything, you can just rent it!

This blog post is going to discuss some of the most important products you are going to need that you should rent for your next show.

6 Products/equipment you can rent to make your concert a hit

1. Staging

Before doing anything else, you are going to have to organize the right stage to perform on. You need adequate space to accommodate your equipment and ensure that it is a place where you can stand in front of the crowd. The stage should also be secure and must have clear visibility. Your audience must also be able to hear you well.

You can easily rent concert staging and select the designs and size of the stage. If you are on a budget, go with a basic style, but if you can spare the cash, you can opt for a more advanced stage.

You can even go for a portable stage if you are planning for an outdoor concert. These are cheaper because they are made from a combination of quality aluminum and wood. The materials are reinforced to make the stage more secure and strong for all your equipment.

2. Mixing Desk

Also known as a mixing console, your mixing desk is going to be the most important piece of your equipment. It will be the primary hub for all your music. You are going to produce and mix different sounds, process them and captivate your audience.

It is highly recommended that you rent the best, most modern dj equipment rental Dallas mixers to seamlessly and easily adjust volume levels, control your EQ adjustments, make instant dynamic changes, etc.

3. Amplifiers

Another vital aspect of an epic concert performance is ensuring that everybody in the venue hears your music. The best tool you can use for this is a quality amplifier. Amplifiers will help you play your music at an adequate level, eliminating quality disruption.

And at the same time, they will amplify what you play so that everybody in the concert hears your talents.

You can rent plenty of products, but going with the best product is going to depend on how loud you want your music to be.

4. Lighting

Lighting plays an instrumental role in enhancing the aesthetics of your performance. Great lighting is going to help draw more attention while you perform.

Along with the type of stage you rent, you can also rent different types of stage lights. There are different lighting sets that you can use to create a three-dimensional effect. For example, you use light that is placed at the bottom, on both sides, and at the top of the stage, all simultaneously beaming.

Such lights are excellent for concerts performed at night. You can even rent strobe lights, multi-colour blinking lights, etc.

5. In-ear Monitors

IEM will provide with an edge when it comes to mixing some or all of your audio sources. These sound monitors are designed to provide DJs and other performers an instant reference of various audible sources at their disposal.

In-ear monitors are excellent when you don’t want to increase the sound to a level where it can disrupt the quality. You’ll be able to monitor the sounds and music you produce without necessarily increasing on-stage volume.

6. Audio consoles

Also known as mixing consoles, this device will be your centralized system of signal flow. Audio mixers are designed for receiving all types of inputs.

Moreover, they also come built-in with pre-amplification to augment your microphones, as well as features like pre-recorded and live sources. Audio mixers are generally expensive, so it would be wise to rent this equipment instead.

Bottom line

As you become more experienced in planning a concert for someone else or organize your own concert, you will understand that are a myriad of other things to consider.
However, when it comes to equipment and products that can help propel your concert to become a major hit, (that too on a budget), these are some vital product/equipment that you can rent.
So get going and make your concern the talk of the town!


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