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5 Ways to Make a Statement with Your Bridal Jewelry


On your wedding day, all eyes are on you, and you want to achieve a flawless appearance. Every detail matters, especially when it comes to jewelry for the bride. Whether your style is dainty or bold, an amazing piece of jewelry can enhance your presence as you walk down the aisle. You want to make a personal statement, but you don’t want the jewelry to overpower your dress, so pay attention to your hairstyle and the dress’s fabric and neckline to give you inspiration and guidance for an unforgettable bridal entrance.

5 Ways to Make a Statement with Your Bridal Jewelry

1. Choose One Bauble

Wedding stylists agree that a piece of spectacular jewelry can instantly amp up your entire wedding day look. There is one small rule to remember:

Choose just one bauble to make a statement. Maybe it’s a pair of heirloom bridal chandelier earrings or a fancy teardrop pendant. Bridal jewelry can add the perfect, exquisite touch.

If you put on more than one strong piece, however, your guests could become distracted by the jewelry and not notice the lovely details of your dress.

2. Your Something Blue.

If you want to keep up with longtime tradition and wearing “something blue,” why not make your jewelry your something blue.

The blue sapphire is a gorgeous gemstone that stands out and can symbolize your good luck wedding charm. The stone looks chic and timeless with every shade of white. Also, you could try a gemstone in the same color family as lapis lazuli, turquoise, blue topaz or aquamarine.

3. Neckline And Jewelry Options

Bridal stylists say that if your wedding dress features a strapless neckline, then you have a clean neckline going for you and can select from a variety of jewelry pieces. For instance, you could put on a choker or maybe choose a pair of dangling earrings or bold chandelier earrings.

Selina Howard of Vainglorious Brides tells Martha Stewart Weddings that, “jewelry texture and jewelry color look beautiful against a clean neckline.”

A collar-length necklace or choker also balances a strapless gown and draws the eye upward to the face and neck.

Another tiny rule to remember is this one: Your wedding day necklace should rarely overlap or touch your dress.

If your dress features a high-neck or halter neckline, then that is where the focal point is, so a stunning pair of post or drop earrings would look sophisticated. Or a bold cuff bracelet would add elegance to your ensemble.

A wedding dress with a v-neckline or sweetheart neckline gives you options for a striking pendant or drop necklace.

A straight, classic bridal neckline calls for a statement necklace to add some glitz and glamour.

4. Jewelry And Dress Texture

The texture of your wedding dress also gives you inspiration for your wedding day jewelry. For example, bridal stylists recommend a vintage jewelry piece when you’re draped in romantic lace. Pearl and diamond pieces are classic and polished for a vintage vibe statement.

A dress with major embellishment and yards of tulle are already dazzling to the eye but can handle a striking, chunky necklace or large chandeliers to complete the total package.

Many wedding dresses are made of silk, chiffon or organza and strike a timeless look. These gorgeous fabrics appear even chicer with a simple pearl statement necklace, bracelet or earrings.

5. Stay Authentic To You

It’s important to keep in mind who you are. In other words, be true to yourself. If you don’t wear necklaces or earrings often and would rather wear a glamorous, cuff bracelet on your big day, instead, then do so.

Do not feel pressured into putting on bridal accessories that do not allow you to feel comfortable and confident. Stay authentic to your personality, and that goes for your bridal dress, shoes, and hairstyle.

This is your major moment to shine, and you should make these key decisions so that you feel and look like yourself, only better.

Ask any bride, and she’ll probably say that every detail matters as she’s walking down the aisle. Wedding day jewelry adds definition to your ensemble and can elevate your bridal presentation. One spectacular piece of jewelry is all you really need.

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