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5 Ways to Get Your Kids More Involved At Home


As children grow, it is important for them to be wholly formed. The more involved a child is, the better they become socially, mentally, physically, and even emotionally. There are many ways through which parents or guardians can have their children active and involved at home, all depending on their age and other factors.

5 Ways to Get Your Kids More Involved At Home

Being present as a parent

Children learn more by experience and observing as compared to being told what to do. By being present as a parent, you most importantly ensure that you are your child’s first teacher and not a nanny or caregiver. Having present and supportive parents goes a long way in creating confidence in a child. Avoid carrying work to do at home and instead spend time at home with your children and also listen to them. This enables you to form a good bond with your child and create memories together as they learn from you.

Be an example and a mentor

As a parent, it is also important to know that your child looks up to you. How involved you are at home as a parent will determine, in a big way, how involved your child will be. If you happen to have a house manager, a gardener, and so on, then how you work together with them will impact your children. If, for instance, you intend to have your children help out with simple house chores, it is advisable that they learn how to do that from you as the parent. As a parent, therefore, teach more by example as compared to word of mouth.

Creating experiences

There are various ways to create experiences with your child at home. This may be in the form of house chores or other bonding activities. You know your child well and you also understand what would work best for them. Come up with a list of things that your child is able to do. If your child loves to clean or dust the house, have the necessary equipment for that and schedule simple cleaning tasks with them. It may actually be a lot of fun to clean that car or house together with them.

They may not help much, but the feeling of being part of the cleaning will leave them excited for the next cleaning time. You could also create time for activities with your child such as painting, building toy blocks, reading, singing, or any other activities that give your child the experiences of being involved.

Home chores

If your child loves to watch you cook or do kitchen work, you could plan to involve him or her when you are preparing their favorite meal, such as pav bhaji. Depending on the age of your child, he/she can help to prepare a meal by washing vegetables, chopping them, setting the table, or any other chore. It would also motivate and teach them a lot when they have their own kitchen. Today, there are toys of various kinds and the kitchen set toys can be impactful for such. Add children cook guide to help them learn better and you can get this online from cites such as the picky eater.

The idea of children helping with home chores may be different for different parents depending on the setup. The good thing is that home chores vary and there is plenty that a child can do even if it does not involve cooking.

Controlled time for watching and using phones or tablets

Watching television or playing video games consumes a child’s time. It is therefore advisable to control the amount of time a child spends with a gadget like a phone or watching television. Allow the child to get creative in doing other things as this helps them to get in touch with the real-world better. Playing with other children could take up some of the time the child spends playing video games alone or watching television.

We live at a time when technology has changed so many things and children today prefer staying at home watching or playing with gadgets. However, activities give children experiences. Through such experiences, children are more involved and learn better. There is a wide range of ways through which children can be positively involved at home. This plays an important role in building the child into a healthy, all rounded adult.


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