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5 Things Testosterone Replacement Therapy Can Help With


Testosterone is an essential hormone for muscle mass, red blood cell production, and libido. It helps in the production of sperm and can greatly affect your fertility count. While it is produced in the body during puberty, testosterone will naturally decline around thirty. This can cause a multitude of changes in energy, and mood which can be upsetting to many people. Increasing testosterone can help a variety of conditions related to this specific hormone.

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Increased Energy

When levels of testosterone dip, lethargy is a common side effect. It may take more effort to do the same activities you once did. You may feel that the activities you once found easy are suddenly much more challenging as your energy declines. Unfortunately, this symptom can become a tricky cycle for those lacking in testosterone. Without the energy to exercise, depression can occur. In turn, depression can create a lack of energy. Luckily there are medications that your doctor can prescribe that can help reverse these symptoms and give you more energy naturally, without the use of caffeine or other stimulants. This spiral can be prevented by talking to your doctor and taking the right steps to help boost testosterone levels.

Increased Sex Drive

Low testosterone is known to lower libido. Erectile dysfunction may occur due to a low red blood cell count. While this is a physical condition, the implications it may have can lead to anxiety which can also impact sex drive. In addition to a lack of sexual desire, low testosterone has been known to impact fertility and the development of healthy sperm. Starting a family can be difficult with low levels of testosterone.

Not being able to conceive can feel frustrating, but getting tested is the first step in being able to remedy this. There are many ways that doctors can treat this and there is no reason to be ashamed or feel down about these symptoms. Many men will experience this in their lifetime and your physician knows just how to help.

Improved Memory

Testosterone can actually help improve verbal and spatial memory in older men. By testing the benefits of testosterone treatment, researchers were able to measure the cognitive incline in men. Memorization, spatial direction, and short term memory can all be improved with an increase in testosterone.

Improved Mood

A decrease in testosterone can lead to depression. With increased energy and a higher sex drive, many men find a boost in their self-esteem. Hair growth can return, bone density is higher and many men find their physical appearance looks healthier. Since physical and mental health frequently works together, testosterone is greatly beneficial for the improvement of both. Not only will this benefit the person but also those around them as they will be less easily irritated or moody.

Higher Red Blood Cell Count

Red blood cells are vital for the body to carry oxygen throughout the bloodstream. Without enough red blood cells, the lungs and heart can be negatively impacted. A higher red blood cell count can prevent anemia, boost strength and potentially increase muscle mass.

Struggling to increase muscle mass while working out consistently, or noticing that fat is being held in abnormal areas could be a sign that they need to be tested for a hormone imbalance. Once the balance is restored, energy will return, muscles will recover quicker and strength will grow. This will also help to boost overall mood, further showing how all of these symptoms go hand in hand.

How Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy Work?

The first step to successful treatment is a personal consultation. Many clinics provide a specialized doctor that will evaluate your health. Blood tests, imaging, and prescriptions can be expedited if approved for testosterone therapy. It is important to get treated early on to help bring back hormones to normal levels.

There are several ways to introduce testosterone back into the body including injections, gels to rub into your skin, or patches to use among other things. You and your doctor can decide what’s best for you.

To improve cognitive, sexual and physical help, hormone levels should be checked. If low levels of testosterone are found, symptoms such as depression, fatigue, and low sex drive can be fixed in a timely manner. To best treat low levels of testosterone, replacement therapy is recommended.


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