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5 Smart Tips to Use Technology While Working from Home


The pandemic is gradually getting the better of us. From economic downturns to a temporary closure of schools and colleges, things have gone haywire over the past few months. According to reports, students of engineering and other technical subject matters are said to be affected the most. They are notable to attend regular classes and carry out technical experiments in the laboratory.

5 Smart Tips to Use Technology While Working from Home

For example, mere online thermal engineering assignment help cannot match up to the level of professors explaining you the concept in person. But we need to manage things accordingly and keep up with the present situation. There’s no way out.

It’s been a while most of us haven’t logged in from our offices, and we are accessing and managing things entirely from home. We are gradually getting the hang of it and preparing ourselves to work seamlessly from our residences. All thanks to technological advancements, that we can work through this crisis in a world that is blessed with the internet.

Since we are operating from home, we are using several electrical appliances and other technologically driven objects. So, we need to be a tad a cautious here. There are some rules, safety measures and smart hacks that can help us use technology more efficiently.

So, explore these helpful tips to harness the potential of technology to the fullest, while working from home.

Here you go!

1. Use electrical appliances in moderation

It’s a known fact that working from home is directly related to the usage of electrical appliances more than what we would have done during normal times. So, here are some suggestions that will help you utilise the potential of electronic devices without disrupting the power consumption parameter.

  • Turn off all unnecessary bulbs, fans or other electrical appliances if not in use.
  • Do not just end up using too many electrical appliances at the same time.
  • Remember, you would only need a ceiling fan and a fluorescent lamp (tube-light). There’s no point turning on multiple bulbs and fans. This is not your office space.
  • If you use Air Conditioners, set the temperature at 24 degrees, and refrain from changing it frequently.
  • Avoid working on desktops. It would be best if you work on laptops. You can charge the device all night and use it for at least 3-4 hours at a stretch in the morning.
  • If you are working on your office laptop at home, do not keep your personal laptop or tablet plugged in at the same time.

These are some simple yet highly effective technology usage tips. Follow them and cut down on power consumption effectively.

2. Be careful with the use of video calling apps

The current lockdown has seen a dramatic rise in the use of video and audio calling applications across different countries. Such technological advancements come with a high risk of vulnerabilities in terms of hacking, third party intrusion and other malware. So, you should be careful to avoid the risk of any form of security threat.

Here are some recommended tips for you.

  • Always check and confirm the credibility of the video calling app before signing up for it.
  • It is recommended to use platforms such as Google Duo, Zoom or Skype.
  • Never agree to use any video calling app which has less than 4-star ratings.
  • Read genuine reviews and implement the word of mouth strategies to figure out whether the particular app is worth your time, money and trust.

3. Always keep your mobiles phones charged

Mobile phones have gained ubiquity in our lives, and we all are dependent on our mobile phones at the end of the day. Now, when it comes to managing office work from home, the use of mobile phones is unfathomed.

So, one must certainly prioritise the aspect of using such devices safely.

  • Keep changing your passwords or unlock patterns frequently. This will help you secure the mobile device from third party intrusions when you are not around.
  • Be careful while charging your phone. If the battery status shows “100%”, remove the phone from the charger immediately.
  • Overheated mobile phones will eventually breakdown or stop functioning properly.
  • If you are on call, consider plugging off the charger.
  • If you are asked to install a new app for office work, make it a point to know about the permissions the app seeks from you.
  • Not all permission-based applications are safe to be installed.
  • In case the application wants to access media, location, date, and other details, then evaluate and know whether the app needs the information at all.
  • Don’t allow things without thorough scrutiny and evaluation of all the critical safety measures.

4. Cut out background noise while you’re on call

Working from home is never easy. Especially if you have kids at home, you cannot expect your space to be peaceful 24*7. The little ones might come around, try playing with you, drop their toys clumsily on the floor while taking them down from shelves. That’s a lot of noise, isn’t it? But you got to manage things and attend daily meeting and urgent phone calls while at home.
Here are some tips on how technology can be leveraged to mute background noise effectively.

  • You can use Krisp, an AI-powered application that allows its users to mute background noise while on calls and video conferences.
  • If you frequently use headphones, install the DSP Soundware app.
  • It has a special active noise cancellation algorithm that improves your listening experience while you are using earphones.

5. Sort out your professional priorities with technology

Unlike office space, you may not have every single document within your reach. This calls for a more organised approach towards handling all official files from home.

Here’s how you can utilise technology to keep your to-do list on track while at home.

  • Use tools such as Asana that integrate with Google Suite to enhance productivity.
  • Install the Microsoft to-do app to create and prioritise tasks remotely. It will send you alert notifications from time to time.
  • Talking of the to-do list apps, you can also use Things that comes with intuitive keyboard shortcuts and reminders with smart notifications.

Parting Thoughts,

Pay heed to these technology usage tips and carry on with your work from home assignments without any hassle. Technology is undeniably one undisputed trend and a phenomenon which is empowering generations over the years.

So, we all must embrace this boon in the right manner without exploiting it by any means.



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