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5 Foolproof Ways To Improve Website Ranking In 2020


With the dominance of the internet in recent days, the evolution of search engine optimization is pretty much evident. One who is capable of keeping pace with the ongoing trends of Google analytics is sure to have the desired website ranking for their site. Although search engine optimization plays a handy role in improving site rankings, content, architecture and links of a website also play a pivotal role in the rankings.

5 Foolproof Ways To Improve Website Ranking In 2020

Here in this article, we shall be looking down into some of the foolproof ways to boost website ranking. These methods can surely help in achieving the most desired rankings for your site in 2020.

#1 Content

When you are planning for a high rise skyscraper, one thing that is required to keep in mind is a strong base. The content of a site represents such a strong base. It is pretty much obvious to have quality rich content for your website as higher the quality of content is, higher is the chance for getting ranked in SERP.
The relevance of content in a site with its keywords results in an optimal SERP outcome. More the content is relevant with its keyword more is the chance for it to score higher in search results.

The frequency and distribution of keywords play a handy role in rankings. It is noted that the count of the keyword is required to be restricted to 5% only in the content. Moreover, distribution of keywords in the URL, header, footer and some parts of the body, significantly increases the chance for a better website ranking.

Talking more about content, originality is the key to ultimate success. We can’t even imagine how much a quality rich, original content in a site can push its ranking higher in SERP. Certain factors are believed to be contributing mainly to getting a good website ranking.

#2 Mobile-friendly

Taking about one of the most pre-eminent point for website rankings, mobile-friendly nature of any website is the utmost need of the hour. According to a study, it has been structured out that most of the internet users are from mobile domain and has been extensively using the same for years. Nowadays, a website needs to remain available both for desktop versions and smartphone.

It is also seen that google highly penalizes certain websites, which are not mobile-friendly. Thus, it drastically affects their website rankings. It is therefore highly recommended to have a mobile-optimized website as it will drive in more traffic and will deliver a better user experience to the visitor.

One can also opt for mobile application, and this approach takes a step forward in deploying better services to the target audiences in a more desired way.

#3 Better content management system

Apart from fresh and engaging content, what would you want for your website? Well, it can be useful and a functional content management system. Using such simplifies the task for search engines, and makes them better understand what the site is all about. As a result, this process contributes largely to better site rankings.

In other words, it is the simpler architecture of a site that drives in a reasonable amount of traffic to a website. What can be better than having quality content that can be understood by all class of people? Well, this is what we are saying. A plain architecture makes it easier for a search engine to decipher the content of a website better and produce a more desired result.

Thus, we need to make sure that the website is comprised of some well-formed codes as harder and complex ones might lead to the site getting ignored during SERPs.

#4 Brilliant loading speed

The user experience has to do a lot with a better website ranking. It is the subtle user experience that is responsible for regular traffic influx to a website. One can surely work on that by using apt animations, content, smooth UI and a lot more. One such aspect is the loading speed of a site. A slower loading site will lead to egregious responses from the user, whereas a smoother and faster loading site will bring in more satisfaction to the visitor.

Google always prioritizes better user experience while ranking a website in SERPs. There are a lot of tools available online that can help in delivering better loading speed for your website. So, take a step forward and optimize your site to have the best loading speed for ultimate user experience.

#5 Power of advertisement and social media

Advertisement is perhaps the sole key to convert first and one time visitors to full-time visitors. The initial stage of costing can be a little expensive, but wise use of the same can turn out in delivering fruitful results. You can retarget your visitors in various ways, this, as a result, will surely boost our user engagement and eventually result in higher rankings.

Now talking about social linking, these social platforms have primarily helped in keeping pace with changing algorithm of google these days. Targeting users through social signals significantly affects the site rankings. Sites having a noticeable social presence with a perfect dose of every SEO element is sure to succeed in the race of website rankings.


One can exercise various ways of optimization for boosting their site rankings, and the above-discussed points are not the only ways to keep your site afloat in ranks for eternity. It would be best if you always keep yourself updated with growing and faster-developing changes with the algorithms of Google. Such knowledge will never hamper; instead, it will decode multifaceted tips and tricks to master web presence in the prevailing age of the internet.

So in a nutshell, it can be said that one who is equipped with a proper set of knowledge in tools, optimization, and data is sure to stand out amidst the high surfacing competition. It is therefore advised to keep yourself updated with trends of google, such that you excel over it and uncloak better results for your site in the future.


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