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5 Awesome Reasons for Moving to Utah


Did you know that 37% of homebuyers are millennials? They’re also the largest group of homebuyers.

Are you a young person dreaming of buying a home in a new city? Why not consider moving to Utah.

5 Awesome Reasons for Moving to Utah

This guide will provide some of the best reasons you should choose Utah as your new home state. Keep reading to learn more.

1. A Great Transportation System

The great thing about living in Utah is that it has one of the best transportation systems. The public transportation system in Utah is one of the most efficient and safe in the country.

The roads throughout the state and the Salt Lake City International Airport have received major renovations in the last few years. The light rail system is a great way to travel between cities in the state.

2. Breathtaking National Parks

If you’re an outdoor lover and looking for things to do in Utah, the state is full of amazing national parks for you to explore. Utah is home to five different national parks.

Visit Arches National Park to see sandstone towers and naturally made bridges. Bryce Canyon has some great hiking opportunities and beautiful sandstone ravines.

Capitol Reef is the home of the Waterpocket Fold that’s over 100 miles long. Zion is Utah’s oldest national park with red cliffs and waterfalls that will take your breath away.

3. A Great Place for Career Advancement

Another great thing about moving to Utah is that you’ll have plenty of job opportunities to choose from. The tech industry is growing rapidly in Utah. The state is even called the Silicon Slopes.

You can also find great jobs in manufacturing, tourism, and healthcare. The unemployment rate in Utah is one of the lowest in the country as well.

4. A Wonderful Culture

When you move to Utah you’ll be happy to get to experience a culture that is welcoming to everyone. Utah was one of the leaders in passing legislation against discrimination to the LGBTQ community back in 2015. Utah is also a safe state with a low crime rate.

You’ll find delicious foods made famous by the state. Expand your palate by trying Utah’s fry sauce, funeral potatoes, or delicious burgers.

5. Amazing Colleges

There are several universities in Utah if you’re interested in starting a new career. If you’re looking to have the city life experience consider attending the University of Utah located in Salt Lake City.

Brigham Young University is a great private school option in Provo, Utah. You can find great homes here at low prices.
Whatever city you choose in Utah is a great choice. Check out www.fieldstonehomes.com/new-homes/ to find homes for sale in Utah and find your perfect home today.

Why Moving to Utah Is the Best Decision You Can Make

If you’re thinking about moving to Utah this guide explains some of the top reasons you should. It has great opportunities to advance your career and beautiful national parks for you to visit.

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