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4 Types of Visas for Immigration to the UK from India


Getting one much awaited UK Visa is one lengthy and fair procedure. Therefore, it is important that you start with the plans for immigration to UK from India as fast as you can, without wasting much from your pocket. If you search a bit more online, you will come across so many interesting visa types to address. These visas are widely categorized under four major sections, which are also called tiers. It is mandatory to learn more about united kingdom immigration services, those tiers or types of visas for the ultimate immigration help as asked for.

Visas For Immigration


1. The first one is Entrepreneur:

The first type of the tier associated with uk visa immigration service got to be Entrepreneur Visa. This form of visa is made suitable for those, who will fit into some criteria to follow. The person would want to set up or even run a business firm in the UK. The person if outside the EEA area, including India, then that person can get the UK visa under Entrepreneur one. This visa is also applicable to those with access to a minimum of 50,000 pounds of investment funds to apply for the same.

  • There you have some additional eligibility requirements, whenever you are aiming for such uk business visa from india under Tier 1. These points will include a proper English knowledge and with the ability to just support the person during your stay.
  • The person should have a score of 95 points or even more, based on the system as specified by Home Office, and that person needs to be of minimum 16 years of age.
  • It is mandatory for you to just pay the healthcare based surcharge as part of this entire visa procedure. This visa will give you the chance to stay for a maximum period of 3 years 4 months. After that, you can extend the visa for another 2 years.

After staying for 5 years in total, you can apply for that indefinite leave to remain in here. The cost of this visa will be more if applied online. If you want, you can bring in some dependents with you and they need to pay the exact same fee for visa to India from UK just like you do.

2. The second one is General Visa:

The Tier 2 happens to be the General Visa. This form of visa is mainly suitable for those offered skilled job in the UK, outside from EEA areas, have one certification of sponsorship from official licensed partner or sponsor, and for those whose jobs must pay proper salary per annum.
● When you plan to apply for uk visa from india, this tier 2 visa has its own pros and features to it. Here, there are different types of tier 2 visas available and that depends quite a lot on the job offered to you.
● This form of visa might be on the Shortage Occupational list and might apply for less than 3 years or even more than that. But, the maximum time given is of 5 years and 14 days. If you want, you can extend it up to 6 years.

For immigration to the uk, this form of visa is important. Here, you get the chance to bring in some family members with you when you are on such visa. The cost for applying from outside of the UK for the dependents and you will be around 900 pounds.

3. The 3rd type over here is the Visa under Student for child:

For the children between the age group of 4 and 17 years, who are willing to get educated at independent UK school, it is important to apply for the Tier 4 or the Child student visa. Learn more about the immigration services uk for this form of visa as well.

  • For this form of visa as well, you might need to have place on course.
  • You should have enough money to cover some of the course feeds and even the living costs.
  • There should be an addition of having consent of parent or even guardian.

For this form of immigration to uk from india under Tier 4 student. The application and cost based details will be same like the General Tier 4 visa for student. So, you need to follow the same norms in here.

4. Tier 4 visa as the 4th option under General for Student:

This is a Tier 4 genera version of student visa, mainly made suitable for anyone of the age of 16 or more, whose main wish is to cover to UK for pursuing higher studies. There are some points for you to follow before enjoying such kinds of united kingdom visas and immigration as well.

  • The student must have a place on course. He or she should be able to read, speak, write and even understand English.
  • The student must have enough monetary support to survive in the UK and even get to pay for the course. Moreover, the student should belong from the country outside European Economic Area or EEA.

You can apply for such visa for a period of 3 months before the course starts. For courses lasting for 6 months or less, you can arrive in the UK 1 week prior the course starts.

If you are looking to get some help with UK visitor visa from India, then you might want to check out these four types first.

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