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4 Proven Tips for Finding Love on a Dating App


According to statistics, 196 million people use online dating apps worldwide. Only in Australia, for example, 1.7 million people are active online dating app users. By 2024 the numbers are expected to amount to 276.9 million users worldwide, which is a proof enough that the days of hunting for the perfect match in the local bar are long behind us as the number one dating strategy.

4 Proven Tips for Finding Love on a Dating App

Yes, you should still dress up, have drinks with friends and keep an eye out for potential dates, but if your lifestyle doesn’t offer you much time for that – installing a dating app on your smartphone can still help you find the love of your life. Not sure how to make it happen? In the next few steps, you’ll find the secret to successful online dating.

Strike a (selfie) pose

They don’t say A picture is worth a thousand words for nothing. Your profile picture will be the most important part of your profile because it will be the first thing potential dates run into. You can only leave a good first impression once, so you better make it count. Pick out the photo that most of your friends find attractive because you can sometimes be too biased and not choose the picture that truly speaks to others. Feel free to post more than one photo of yourself, and make sure all of them represent your true physical appearance. Don’t use face tuning apps too much, except to maybe blur a zit or two that have popped up just when you needed to take that perfect shot. The potential date needs to be able to recognize you if you end up setting up a date in person. They’ll like the person in the picture, and if you don’t look like that individual even the slightest, you are in for a disastrous date.

Glam-up your bio

Aside from your profile picture, your bio should also sound attractive and make you look approaching and easy-going. While a potential sweetheart may be attracted to the profile photo, they’ll also want to know who they’ll be dating beyond their physical looks. Therefore, make sure you write as much about you as possible. From education to your hobbies, previous experiences and possible bucket list items, you should try and make your bio tell others whether they should try and contact you, or if they should swipe to someone else.

Choose dating apps wisely

In the sea of various dating apps, everyone can find a suitable one for their sexual preference. Today you can easily find dating apps who are specifically made for straight, lesbian, gay, bi, trans, or queer people and relieve yourself the stress and anxiety of running into the wrong person. If you’re gay, find a popular gay dating service that will help you build a serious relationship with someone who is into more than just a fling or a one-night stand. Finding love is not an easy job, so do your research before you start texting potential dates, and remember to browse through your apps carefully.

Make sure you’re often active

You may have heard stories about how people have found their perfect match on the first day or week of their dating app adventure, but that doesn’t mean you will too. Don’t lose hope if you don’t match with anyone in the beginning. You should check out the app regularly and keep an eye out for new members, just as others will have more chance to find you if you’re present regularly. The more you’re active, the more the app’s algorithms will push you to the right people. Every like, swipe, and chat you submit is detected by algorithms and will put you in the right place in front of the right people.

Final thoughts

While some people find dating impossible nowadays, others are more than delighted with the option of being able to find your perfect match online. No matter the category you’re in, installing a dating app on your smartphone will be of great use for your love life. Once you decide to take this big step, keep the aforementioned tips in mind if you’d like to find that special someone and finally have a partner you can enjoy spending time with.

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