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3 Worthwhile Things to Do While Social Distancing


We have always known life in all its glory, but at the very moment, we are becoming familiar with its unpredictability. Everything around us – every aspect of life – has come to a standstill, and there’s nothing much we can do about it, rather than staying indoors in order to survive. The world in its entirety has gone into lockdown, #stayhome is the trending hashtag of the hour, along with being a dire necessity. COVID-19, the pandemic we are dealing with, has already booked chapters in the annals of history – and as of yet, we are still struggling to come up with a solution to eradicate it for good.

3 Worthwhile Things to Do While Social Distancing

With everyone staying indoors, markets are crashing and unemployment is on the surge. Management of finances, owing to the present circumstances, is a mammoth task. Hence, while we adapt the much desirous notion of social distancing in our lives, it’s of utmost importance that we also reset and redefine our lifestyle, in accordance with what’s transpiring yonder.

Although, a few resources still exist that can come in handy during these tiring times – say payday loans or instant loans for bad credit, yet we would like you to implement the following solutions that shall enable you to spend less money and stay afloat in these troubled waters:

Review and Cancel Subscriptions

Log-in to your email, go through your subscriptions and weed out all that you deem unnecessary at the moment. We perfectly understand that lockdown seems pretty much laced with boredom, but having Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and Apple Tv accounts all at once, doesn’t rhyme a chord. Hence, in order to stabilize your finances, you are always at the liberty to cut off those services that you don’t really need at the moment.

Start a Vegetable and Herb Garden

This is the best time to rejuvenate your once abandoned passion for hobbies. If you can manage to clear out some space that’s replete with sunlight then you’re nearly ready to start a vegetable or herb garden. Once you are all set, you can sow seeds that you can reap in the future. Nothing tastes better than fresh veggies that come straight from your own garden. It’s economically fulfilling too – and trust us, it’s going to come in very handy in the times to come.

Teach Yourself New Skills

When it comes to learning new skills, you are not being asked to spend money and join online classes – no! The internet is the holy grail of a plethora of free information that you can make use of and develop a new skill set. Refer to YouTube, Internet Archive, and other websites in order to accomplish the same. One day, the ongoing pandemic shall come to an end and life shall embark on its usual course of the cut-throat competition – it is then, your newly acquired skill-sets are bound to make an impact.

One day at a time – that’s how we are going to win this fight. Apart from managing your finance, you are always at the liberty to devise a lockdown-timetable for yourself in order to ensure efficient time management. Reading books is yet another enlightening hobby that you can pick up. Also, now is the perfect time to reach out to your family members and old friends via calls or text messages. If you wish to keep yourself all the more occupied, you can always discover DIY videos on the web and trying creating some lockdown mementoes. In order to make the most out of the time at hand, you have got to set some goals and achieve the same – and trust us, if you keep yourself occupied, this pandemic will be history in the blink of an eye.

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