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3 Types of Blockages Can Stop Heart Pumping


Heart block is caused due to disruption in the Electrical Conduction method of heart. This electrical conduction method of heart is accountable for beating heart. This effect in missed heartbeat and sometimes heart may stop around 20 minutes.

This may be due to a congestion of blood vessels, or injury or harm of muscles. Nevertheless, there are several other things like lack of proper exercise, stress and higher blood pressure that also lead to heart blockage.

3 Types of Blockages Can Stop Heart Pumping

Normally, no heart blockage symptoms are observed. Heart Block is of three types namely — kind one heart block, type two heart block, And type three heart cube.

Heart Blockage Types in Human Body:

Some of the most commonly found heart blockage symptoms in human body according to the type of heart block are included below:

Type One Blockage

Skipped heartbeat is among the most frequent indicators of degree heart problems. These are called little heart disruptions, which can be serious and also do not need any immediate medical care.

Type Two Blockage

Fainting and dizziness are commonly found Type Two Heart Problem symptoms in men. Men, who appear to fainting, feeling dizziness, and experiencing nausea whilst doing small physical work or without any kind of potential cause, might diagnose themselves for heart problem.

When some of the electrical signals from heart natural pacemaker don’t attain heart, fall in heart rhythm is detected resulting in tingling, tingling, etc. In this circumstance, individual may require artificial pacemaker for healing.

Type Three Blockage

Third degree heart block is also called total heart block. In this state, the electrical signals completely stop involving upper room of lower and heart room of heart. Care, and if left untreated can lead to severe heart attack. It may be treated with artificial pacemaker.

Commonly observed third degree heart blockage in men include
Bradycardia, which means experiencing lower heart rhythm (less than 60 beats per minute)

Hypotension, which means reduced blood pressure (BP < 90/60)
Hemodynamics Instability, which means uncertainty in circulation of blood in our body.

How to Stop the Blockage of Heart?

The answer to this question is a checklist that is mentioned below:

Healthy Diet: A Diet with less calories if taken on regular basis for months will stop the formation of clog in your arteries and eventually results in stopping the blockage of Heart. A healthy diet also improves hearth health.

Walk: Exercise can improve your cardiovascular health and help prevent cardiac difficulties. If you are not physically active, begin gradually. Go for a walk a couple of times per week. If that fits into your program, go for more walks.

Quit Smoking and Alcohol: The day you give up smoking, your wellbeing will begin to rebound. Stopping smoking can help boost your HDL levels, also. Speak with your health care provider if you need help stopping smoking. They could advocate smoking cessation programs and programs.

Consulting Your Doctor: If Lifestyle changes are not enough, your physician may prescribe drugs to assist the reduction in your LDL and stop plaque levels. Make certain to take your own cholesterol medicine as prescribed. Many medicines may also function better Once you make Platinum Life style changes. Even when you’re taking medication.


Now a days, 70% of men above 35 years age are having heart issues. So, there is a need to aware people heart health and how they can reduce the heart blockage. There is a lot you have to do other than just exercise.


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