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3 Important Things to Know When Moving Your Family


The thought of moving from one location to another can be intimidating. Now, imagine moving with your family to a new town. Unlike single moves, family moves are trickier because of the large numbers of family members and other households. As you move, you can experience more challenges, concerns, needs, desires, and emotions. All these come with a mixture of anxiety and enthusiasm.

3 Important Things to Know When Moving Your Family

You may be forced to make complex negotiations before moving. For instance, your spouse might relent, leaving their job, or your kids might not be thrilled to leave their school friends. If you relocate your kids unwillingly, they might hate you for transferring them. It is still possible to make a significant move with your family without ruining your relationship with your children and spouse as you maintain sanity. Here’s how you can manage.

1. Inform Everyone

Research has shown that stress after movement comes as a result of miscommunications. It is, therefore, vital to have everyone to be affected by action on-board. Inform them of your initial decision and let them be committed to making a move a success.

The first person to get the information should be your spouse or partner. You don’t have to be equally motivated to move, but you must be decisive; is it a ‘yes’ of ‘no’? You can then talk to your kids. As you speak to them, ensure that you observe their age and maturity levels. Young kids can be sensitive, so you should treat them will a lot of care.

Their opinion might not impact the final decision, but you can involve them in the process and allow them to take responsibility for other areas like their choice of school and home. By including them, they will feel more invested and positive in the move, helping them adjust better in their new life.

2. Align and Discuss Expectations

Take your time and think about how the implications of the move will affect each of you and how you will tackle them. Discuss the impact with your spouse and children. Consider all the areas of your lives: social life, support system, financials, home environment, career/work, friendships, family, physical wellbeing, and health.

Are you likely to face challenges? How will you handle them? For instance, if you are moving to a place with a different culture, how will you fit in? Is it possible for you to get a work permit/visa? Is the local language natural to learn? Such discussions will help you anticipate challenges as you move. Ensure you are on the same page to avoid surprises, anxiety, and tensions.

3. Which Moving Company?

Moving companies can make your move so much easier. Make sure that you look into what moving company you want to go with so they will do the job well. They will pack your items and help you move with ease. Most moving companies like the South Florida moving company will have customer reviews that you can read through, in order to make the best decision for your family. You will want to look for a company that fits your needs and will be able to quickly and efficiently complete the job. Moving companies can also ease a lot of stress and worry, especially if you have young kids still at home.

A competent moving company will also give you a time frame to prepare for moving and pack up before the relocation day. You can always ask if the company offers any additional services, including loading your stuff in the trucks, among others. After finalizing, confirm the dates and schedule a time in advance for them to come get all of your items.


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