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21 Interesting Horse Facts You Need To Know About


Horses are very gentle, smart and beautiful animals. The friendship between horse and human is noticeable. Horses are teaching so many things to us in our daily lives.

Horses are not only useful for riding or racing purpose but it is also useful to improve your mental health. After so many benefits get from the horse, you must know some facts about the horse.
So, here in this article, we discuss Interesting Horse Facts you need to know. If you are looking for this and still you are not getting correct details then read carefully the whole blog.

21 Interesting Horse Facts You Need To Know About


Some Facts About the Horse You Need to Know:

1) Life of age is generally 25 years old. The oldest domestic horse was Old Billy who died at the age of 62.

2) Just like a human, in the horse, there is a category male and female horse. A male horse is known as a stallion and a female horse is known as a mare. A male horse that has been castrated is known as a gelding.

3) There is a total of 205 bones in the horse skeleton.

4) A group of the horse will not sleep at the same time and at least one of them will stay awake to look after others.

5) The eyes of the horse are bigger than all mammal animal and they are located on the side of the heads. That means the horse can see almost 360 degrees.

6) Horses have been used in the police force since the past 17th century. Even though in this automobile era, the use of the horse is still in today’s police force.

7) Just like human horses also have different facial expressions as per their moods. Horses utilize their ears and eyes to express their mood. Horses are communicated via their facial expressions.

8) The weight of the horse brain is 22 ounces which contains half the weight of a human’s brain. There are more than 300 different breeds of horses available in the world.

9) As per the expert’s opinion, horses were completely color-blind, but it is not completely true. Horses can see some colors clearly than others.

10) Generally, we measured height in feet and inches. But the height of a horse is measured in hands. Ponies are horses whose height is less than 14.2 hands.

11) The baby horse can walk and run after just a few hours of being born. They can only plants and grass. You can see horses are laughing or smiling in the photograph but this by this horse smells better.

12) Young horses called by different names like male young ones called colt and female young ones called fillies.

13) Just like the owl, a horse can see better at night than humans. Because the eyes of the horse adjust longer from light to dark and from dark tonight than a human.

14) Speed of regular horse is approximately 27 miles per hour and the speed of the fastest horse is 55 miles per hour.

15) The first cloned horse was Haflinger mare in 2003 in Italy. Horses like sweet flavors but he hates the bitter or sour taste.

16) Horses drink about 25-gallon water in a day. In fact, 50% of horse weight is the weight of water.

17) Teeth of horse take up more space than its brain and head. The teeth of horses never stop growing.

18) A female horse has 36 teeth while a male horse has 40 teeth. Horses are able to sleep either standing or lying down.

19) Unlike other animals, horses can’t vomit. The Weight of the horse heart is 10 pounds.

20) Horses cannot breathe via their mouths. Horses have 7 types of blood.

21) Just like human beings, horses are also like to travel. Nowadays horse lover uses horse trailer for traveling horse one place to another in a safe way.

I hope you will get some amazing facts about the horse. By reading interesting horse facts you need to know the article you can get the facts of the horse.

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