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10 Time-Honored Ways of Showing Patriotism


Although everybody has the right to honor their nation, state, or area in any manner they see fit, there are a number of classic ways to display that you’re a patriotic person. From how you speak and dress, to your actions and the things you learn about, behaving patriotically comes in many different forms. Read on to discover ten time-honored ways of showing off your personal patriotism.

10 Time-Honored Ways of Showing Patriotism

1. Displaying the Flag

One of the most classic ways to show you are living in a patriotic household is to prominently display the flag. This indicator shows everybody who passes out front that this house supports the country and isn’t afraid to show it. One critical note: Be sure to observe all rules and customs regarding flag display so that you don’t inadvertently show disrespect. An example is to hang a tattered flag, which is a huge no-no.

2. Knowing the History

Learning the basics of your country’s history is essential! If you are a patriotic person, you need to know how the country was formed and who the key players are. Learn about the major movements and wars of your nation, and stay up-to-date on current events.

3. Ability To Sing the Anthem

No, you don’t have to have the voice of a songbird to qualify for this one! The important thing is to know both the precise words, as well as the tune of the anthem. This is another occasion where there is some etiquette involved, such as you want to stand when any national anthem is being played.

4. Wearing Flag Paraphernalia

Sporting the gear is definitely going to show others that you have a patriotic side. Whether it’s a flag pin, the country colors, or a t-shirt/clothing item with a fun flag cartoon, there are lots of ways to demonstrate your feelings for where you live.

5. Supporting Active Duty Military

You don’t need to support war or military incursions necessarily, but there is a difference between an action and the actual men and women who serve our country on a daily basis. They have made great sacrifices and have undergone tremendous amounts of training in order to wear a uniform, serve, and even fight for the rights of citizens.

6. Supporting Veterans

Along the same vein as #5, if you are a patriotic person, whether or not you are a pacifist or not, you actively support those who have served and fought for your country. These soldiers and heroes deserve benefits, medical care and, almost most importantly, mental health care for the duration of their lives, and someone who loves their country will unflinchingly love its veterans.

7. Creating a Custom Flag

Sure, you can buy flags in the store, but it’s also super fun to create your own version. You could use the family name, a powerful adjective, or a quotation on the edge of your country’s existing flag, or you could design some creative custom flags on your own.

8. Voting

Without a doubt, voting is one of the main patriotic acts you can commit, and many people believe that it is your duty as a citizen! Please be sure to register in your area if you are not already. Check when the next election is, and go to the polls to make your voice is heard.

9. Visit or Support National Parks and Monuments

Supporting the sacred land of your country is not just a right of each citizen, but it is truly a privilege and a joy to share for a lifetime. There are countless square miles of space in the most beautiful areas of the country set aside for visitation and conscientious education and enjoyment.

10. Stand Up To Injustices

Not everyone who is a citizen or resident passes through life without prejudice or unfairness, and not everyone has the ability or voice to speak up. Keep your eyes open for opportunities to create the nation you want to live in by being a voice for others facing injustices.

Final Thoughts About Patriotism

It’s important to note that these are not the only ways to display patriotism or to feel pride in your country or area. You can still feel proud and patriotic without showing abundant exterior clues about it, so don’t judge a book by its cover. The only real way to know how another person feels about something is to have an open and honest dialogue about it.


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