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10 Instant Boosts You Can Give to Your Business Campaign


You might be having the best sales team in the world on board with you to help you with your sales. Yet you are not getting the required leads!

Digital Marketing

Internet results show that most of the companies in the IT business face about 5 to 10% of churn rate per year. Churn is not great for business, yet, unavoidable. The remedy lies in getting enough leads to replace the lost customers. Otherwise, you will just have a dying business on your hands to cater to.

So, what is your strategy to bring in more leads? What measure do you take to increase the rate of lead generation for IT consultants? And are you getting the desired results, too? If not, don’t lose hope. Here’s a list of 10 strategies and tools to help you cope up! Start today!

Google My Business

If you use Google to take recommendations for nearby places to eat, you must also have come across those little boxes in the corners of the main page, showing different businesses. It is also known as the snack pack. It is Google’s small section which shows surrounding small businesses related to your search.

Wondering about how to appear in that box? Google My Business is the only way. However, it is way more important for lead generation for IT consultants than just giving a snack pack space to appear. Google My Business is cost-effective too. IT consultants can gain customer insights, appear more visibly on Google Maps and searches, and post content. Posted content is very much similar to social media content but it appears on Google.

SEO Strategies

Are you working enough on your SEO strategy? What is the number of blogs produced by you daily? Google My Business is not going to help you if your SEO is not giving enough backlinks to relevant websites. If you have no SEO strategy, you can almost say goodbye to your lead generation for IT consultants. The best strategy is to produce good, consistent content to improve your SEO Ranking.

Mix and Match

Although this strategy might sound a little out of link with the other strategies and tools, a link-up is all you need to see a connection between the two strategies. When you have established a map address, and appear in the SEO results too, it is important to have a ground where all your leads bring your customers. Match your business card address with the one that appears on Google Maps when they search for your name.

The Right CRM Software

Are you using any CRM software for your business? Because without the help from one, it would be very tough for you track leads, keep records of the sales, etc. it can be integrated with both your marketing and sales team. The number of leads will surprise you once you set up a better lead tracking protocol.

An Active Website

Not all websites serve the purpose of lead generation for IT consultants. You got to have one specially optimized for that. An optimized website contains CTA handles below and above the fold. Those handles are also present in the header and the footer. At least one e-book should be included to link a visitor to your website.

Brand Awareness

When it comes to developing good brand awareness, do not just depend on a website to do it for you. You also need good PR and social media campaigning to help you with lead generation for IT consultants. Public relations campaigns can help with press releases, advertising, content copyrighting, and much more.

Paid campaigns

AdWords is Google’s money-earning kid. A good Adwords campaign can bring numerous leads to your website in a minute. Also, it can help with high-quality conversions to it too. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive one either. All you have to do is to develop a good strategy.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

It is a new tool for your sales team to put to use. It brings together social media and lead generation and doubles the result of the efforts done. The Sales Navigator can often integrate with your CRM to bring more content into view on their LinkedIn profiles. You can also receive recommendations and knowledge about the market and personas.

Segregated Contact Lists

Just having contact numbers to reach out to people is not enough when it comes to business. You have to make segregated contact lists, which are further divided into sub-categories. For example, you could have a different list for different and same city business associates. You can also divide them by business type, or by investment preferences. For lead generation for IT consultants, the best possible way is to have a group based on a problem that your company/product can give a solution to.

Marketing Team Relationship Building

When you are done with hiring your marketing team, your job isn’t done. Having a great marketing team requires building a dependable work relationship. That is how you start to bring more lead generation for IT consultants. For instance, if I’m searching for cox contour flex online, I would click on any link which might lead me to the answer of my query. You and your marketing team can work together to settle upon a reliable strategy for bringing in more leads.


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