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10 Impressive DIY Summer Home Improvements that Maintain Home Value


Up the fun factor this summer and take on DIY home improvements. With a couple of small projects, you will be able to enjoy your summer, even more, when making any of these popular additions. No matter your skill level, there is something here for you. Plus, you have options for any type of residence. Consider these ten impressive summer home improvements for new DIY-ers.

10 Impressive DIY Summer Home Improvements that Maintain Home Value

1. Plant Annuals and Perrenials

Look at both annuals and perennials that could make a huge difference in your yard. Some plants can even shade your roof and windows, and you will lower your energy bills. Perennials will return each year for you. But popular annuals like marigolds and petunias add a fresh pop of color.

2. Remove Weeds from Garden Beds

The aforementioned plants or any you already have will look better with healthy beds. Think about taking on weed removal as a DIY project this year. Even if you have a landscaper, you need to help keep your weeds in check. Unhealthy growth can be breeding grounds for pests on your property. On top of that, you could possibly eliminate some or all of your landscaping services. That’s more money for your other summer expenses.

3. Add a Hot Tub

Unwind even more this summer with a hot tub. Hot Tubs provide you with relief from certain medical ailments, too. For those that feel threatened by the prospect of plumbing, digging and electrical, portable hot tubs may be the answer you’re looking for. If you decide to purchase a portable hot tub, they will be easy to set up since they’re built to work with 110V outlets and also don’t require any custom plugins for water or filters.

4. Construct a Patio or Porch

You want to enjoy the outside as much as possible. Think about constructing a patio or porch. It’s a guaranteed way to enjoy your home this summer and throughout the year. If your home already has these features, you could perhaps add one to your master. Do what you can to produce more outdoor living space.

5. Create an Outdoor Kitchen

Believe it or not, you can create an outdoor kitchen as a DIY project. Construct one from the ground up. Or, buy your moving parts and put them together. There are both small and larger kitchens you could build. Customize it to meet your needs and the needs of your family and guests.

6. Build a Backyard Pizza Oven

This DIY project could be as complex as you would like. Opt for a wood-burning oven to create even more good smells. You also could add some roses in the area near your back-yard pizza producer. Did you know that roses are the national flower of Italy?

7. Light It Up with Ambient Lighting

There are so many great energy-efficient products that will bring value to your home. With modern lighting systems, you can save money and also further ensure safety. Turn to your local suppliers and check online, too, for a system to install. You’ll love the improved ambiance of your property.

8. Set Up the Perfect Media Room

On rainy days or long summer nights, you might want to grab everyone for a movie night. Plus, there are many great seasonal specials you can enjoy. For those of you with kids, this sometimes might help you get in more peace and quiet.

9. Fix Your Drafty Doors and Windows

To further control energy costs, you could remedy any drafts. Opt for new doors and/or windows that need replacing. If not that, you could calk and seal air leaks. Don’t forget you might qualify for a tax credit on new energy-efficient replacements, though.

10. Build a Storage Shed

You can remove a lot of clutter and summer activities will feel more organized at your home. Also, with little money spent on your end, you have a huge return on investment. While there are many ways to build a structure from scratch, steel prefab buildings and other ready-to-assemble structures are out there to make sure you have a solid structure without worrying about cutting and planning everything yourself. Did you know modernized garages and storage sheds are among the top features of successfully sold homes today?

Something for Everyone

Each idea above is sure to be a DIY project that will benefit you. Plus, these projects are not too complicated for you. There is something for everyone, and your family and friends also can help you. On top of that, you have options for any budget. Best of luck with your choice(s), and may you enjoy this summer even more.


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